Monoprice M560 Connection Woes

Alright so I have pretty much no idea what I'm dealing with or doing. Now for the request. I bought my pair of M560's (my only open-backs) a few months after they initially released and have loved them as long as I've had them. 
But last week I was cleaning my desk and unplugged the cable and set them aside for a while. Came back the next day, plugged them back in, but only ended up getting audio in the left cup. Tried playing around with the cable orientation (switching the cable sides etc) and it seemed to work when the right jack was plugged in 3/4 of the way in. 
It wasn't till this morning that I realized it's only working bc its playing the left channel in both cups. It's the stock dual 3.5mm 3 pole cable. Right ear cup won't get audio if the jack is plugged in all the way, and will only play left channel audio if plugged in 3/4 of the way. This happens no matter which of the dual jacks I use. 
Has anyone had this kind of issue before? Do you think it might be a cable issue or even worse a driver connection issue inside the earcup? I don't want to open up the ear cup if I don't have to.

I have a m560 and don’t have that issue, but the cables do fit lose in the cups. Alot of times they would come out some and would play weakened sound. They are my worse pair of headphones and have non-existent bass.

I think I’ve had that issue a handful of times but I just had to play with the cable a bit and it’d be fine. But yeah I’m really regretting this purchase 2 years down the line; it’s just not worth it anymore. I’ve got some XL sheepskins on mine and it helps the bass out a lot so maybe try that.

I heard people say a pad change can bring a little change, but not alot. May have to try that out.

I’ve got Brainwavz Sheepskin Rounds on mine and they work pretty well. Something still feels slightly off but eh I guess that’s part of the fun now.

Btw update for anyone coming across this thread in the future, I got a free cable from Monoprice (they’ve only got 2.5mm) and threw on an adapter. Works like a charm now, no more connection issues.