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This is the official thread for the Monoprice M560. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Hi all, can anyone offer up tried and true proven mods for the Monoprice M560?

-I hate the sibilance I sometimes get with the highs and If I’m not careful I drive them into distortion on the bottom end. (Hip hop, rap etc) Is this normal for this headphone? I really like them for Blues, Jazz, Greek and latin music. (That’s how I avoid the aforementioned problems.)

-My biggest gripe though is the ear pads. I have big ears, real big dumbo sized ears. I need large oblong or XL oval pads. What quality large ear pads will enhance the sound of these things? I know the big Sony pads were recommended by Zeos, but reading the Amazon reviews of them they seem to flake and get nasty fairly quickly so I have avoided those in hopes of finding something better. Any direction you guys can offer is much appreciated.

Eventually I want to upgrade to high end planars but I think these have more potential I’m not getting out of them yet. And I happen to prefer them with the covers off.

Much better now, that took work, never will I purchase headphones that I can’t properly replace the pads on ever again. BTW, the ZMF cowhide do wonders for taming the treble a bit and bringing out the lower octaves on the M560. They wear much better for me now.

I have these and they have no soundstage, imaging or base, with a metallic tamber. Their the worst headphones I own. I haven’t modded before, what are the improvements the mod bring?

Pads will only do so much, they made them more comfortable, tamed the really sibilant highs a bit and brought out the lower end. I cheat tho, i run an eq and use a tube pre-amp before the amp to color the sound and deepen the soundstage to a decent point. I agree with you there are much better headphones out there. I was looking at them the other day and wondering if i could swap the actual cans out from another set because the best part about the 560’s is the actual band. Also i have learned to only play them with blues and jazz for the most part, not happy how they sound with other music.

That’s true, a pad change will only do so much in most cases, I’ll probably will try to sell mine. Their ain’t a lot of mods for them out there. The mod looks nice though…nice work.

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