Monoprice Monolith Speaker Stands

Anyone have any feedback on these? I am thinking about ordering two to hold up my incoming LSiM 703s which weigh 30 lbs each. Thanks!

Absolutely love them. Sturdy as can be and easy to assemble.


Looks like a fun room. Thanks for sharing!

how do you keep the smaller speakers in place? vibrations would roll them off eventually, no?

Self adhesive feet off amazon. They are like a thick wet-suit type material.

You can also use blu-tac/grey-tac adhesive, or just cut up some shelf- or drawer-liner to fit the footprint of the speaker. Either one will help keep the speakers in place, as well as absorbing vibrations a bit.

Dumb question. Why the speakers stacked on top of other speakers?

Two different sets of speakers run to two different a100ā€™s off the same dac. I switch between speakers depending on what i feel like. The q350 can be a bit too much if iā€™m trying to just chill out. The rb42 is a bit more warm and less in my face.

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