Moondrop Blessing 2 : Dusk

Waiting for my pair to arrive… CNY put some delay to my order but it is what it is.

Hoping it’s a good upgrade to the starfields. I still love mine

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It is one of my favourite IEM’s and a very solid buy, you get a lot for the money.

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All-rounder IEM


How is the blessing 2 dusk for bad recorded music? Is it ok or is it ruthless?

My pair just came in yesterday. I was originally interested in the OG Blessing 2, but then when crinacle announced the Dusk, I was pretty much set on the Dusks.

The only other IEM that made me think twice about getting the Dusks were the Tanchjim Darling’s. I just found the Darling’s interesting in terms of style/aesthetic and sound signature coming from the Starfields. However, the $100 price difference between the Dusk’s and the Darling’s were what sold the Dusk’s for me.

As someone who was looking for something with less bass after starting with the RHA MA750 back in 2017, I first turned to the Starfields which are still amazing at providing great soundstage with nice smooth treble, and controlled bass. Then as of yesterday, I’ve been listening to the B2 Dusk’s and wow… They are a great upgrade to the Starfields

The Blessing 2 Dusk’s still offer a controlled bass experience, where you get bass where you want, without it being too much. Just the right amount for my taste, even if it’s noticeably less than the Starfields. The mids and treble on the Blessing 2 Dusk’s are really where they shine in my opinion. The mids and treble are clean, rich and detailed. They made me realize just how warm the Starfield’s are. The Starfield’s sound cloudy when compared to the clarity and richness that the Blessing 2 Dusk’s provide.

Onto detail and sound stage. Perhaps the slightly lessened low end on the Blessing 2 Dusk’s are what makes the details in the mids and highs stand out more. These things pick up details that I didn’t hear previously with the Starfields. In terms of soundstage, the two do sound similar, but the Blessing 2 Dusk has noticeably better separation between instruments/layers. This makes it feel less crowded, making music with a lot of instruments/layers (like Perfume’s music, or 80’s disco/funk/pop) a lot more comfortable to listen to without getting overwhelmed.

Overall, if you’re looking for an upgrade to the Starfield’s, the Blessing 2 Dusk’s do the job.

I still do want to listen to the Tanchjim Darling tho… Just out of sheer curiousity.


it handles that very well actually, it does have the detail to show how well recorded a song is but it doesnt kill bad recorded ones if that makes sesne :slight_smile:

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I tried buying a pair in China and funnily enough they wouldn’t sell me one. Oh well guess i’ll spend my money elsewhere.

Anyone who listened to B2D and Sony Ex800st? How does these two compare? Or should I save more and get the Dunu SA6?

Here is your answer…


Thank you! The SA6 looks really good. Can you choose the faceplate?

No, but they all look quite amazing to me.

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Is B2D definitely better than FiiO FH3? The price is 2X more

It’s going to come down to library, personal preference, price vs performance, beryllium dd vs not, etc…

from whatever iems available on market now, i think B2D (or FD5) will be my future iem upgrade. B2D has the forward mids missing in FH3 (and FD5 too), comparing their frequency response graph.


I got a Blessing 2 Dusk at a good price because I noticed the bass and mids graph so similarly to the Aladdin.

I’ll have to say, it’s been a damn pleasant listen. I listened to the RSV earlier in the morning and for sure it reminds me strongly of it (but with DD bass, and much cheaper). I hadn’t realized Softears was a Moondrop division.

I hadn’t really wanted to like it because of how I had remembered the timbre sounding (this time round to be honest it’s no better or worse than Aladdin) and because it’s such a common rec and I prefer more obscure finds. I also dislike Moondrop and the fans they pander to, and don’t always agree with Crin’s choices, for my ears. But these are a very well tuned set. And given the RSV might be the closest sound I can think of compared to them, they’re definitely a good value. Personally I do for sure prefer them to the OG B2.

They fit my ears well and as a result provide cave-wall level isolation, but I can see that being the main reason a lot of people couldn’t be recced them – if they have smaller ears.

They’re a good set.


That and the subpar treble extension. For me the latter was the reason to sell them (guess I am treble head). Fit was borderline for my middle-sized ears, but even tough they started to irritate my ear canals after a while, I kind of liked their solid fit. They made silicon tips fit as if they were foam tips.


I recently compared the Starfields to the Dusk and the Dusk sounded way harsher and leaner/tinny, as in unnatural and unbearbly bright. Bass was there and it sounded great from a technical perspective. In retrospective I should’ve tried different tips to confirm, still wondering whether it was 1) a fit issue 2) a unit with wonkier tuning than usual

It took me quite a lot of trial and error before I found tips that worked for me with the Dusk.

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I’ve loaned a Blessing 2 Dusk lately. I feel so weird. I don’t like the thinness of the notes sometimes it becomes displeasing to me and I feel like overall its not my preference.

But I’m loving how its tuned, soundstage, the quick bass, micro details and presentation. I am getting addicted to it! This is a weird feeling.