Moondrop Blessing 2 : Dusk

I thought I’d write a small review for the Moondrop x Crinacle Blessing 2 : Dusk which a lot of people don’t understand what they are exactly, to make everything clear I bought these with my own money from, pre-ordered them, and I’ve been using them for the past 2 weeks I’d say.

Packaging and extra:

The packaging is the same of the normal blessing 2, the only difference is the outer box where instead of some sort of festive anime girl there is crin-waifu [~~]
the box is fairly big where you can find 2 small boxes, one is a black cardboard box with the cable (6N OFC Litz cable) and ear tips (5 sets of small, small-medium, medium, medium-large and large tips) an Airline adapter, a “Fake leather” Carry Case and a small picture of the mascot with the frequency graph behind it.

I am not gonna talk about the accessories too much since they’re the same as the normal Blessing 2’s, the cable is a 2 pin 0,78 mm to 3.5 mm, it’s a usable cable flexible enough with a small moondrop branded Velcro organizer. The case is failry big you can easily fit 2 iems and their cables inside or an iem and a Fiio bt5 or Qudelix 5k in the mesh pouch.

the silicone tips feel cheap, I’m not gonna lie but there’s not much to do with standard silicone tips, I did swap them out for my foam tips and the AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC tips I got from Linsoul which feel so much better, and I’d recommend anyone who wants to get a good fit with their iems to grab a pair of either those or some spinfits.

Fit and Comfort:

Once again, when I did remove the included silicone tips and put my own they fit like a glove and I can not say that about many iems, I have tried a lot and few fit me and my friends as good as these do, yes the nozzle is big yes they are bigger than like the Blon bl05 or 03 but just putting tips which were a size smaller because the nozzle is a big longer they did fit amazingly, in general I wore these for close to 7 hours listening to music, movies, gaming without any issues at all. The passive noise isolation is fantastic, because of some vents for the dynamic driver without any music it’s not as good but with some light music it’s like active noise-cancelling. Using them on busses and cars it did a great job keeping the outside noise out. Furthermore, they do feel extremely light, sometimes I would even forget that they’re on with how light and nice fitting they are, nice ergonomic shape.


I know most people just care about the way these sound since that’s the main difference between the normal Blessing 2 and the Dusk. I’ll get the technical specifications out of the way first.

Unit configuration:  1DD + 4 BA
Drivers – 10mm paper cone diaphragm coil (Bass), Softears D-MID-A (Midrange) & Knowles SWFK (Treble)
Impedance – 22Ω @ 1kHz (± 15%)
Sensitivity – 117dB / Vrms @ 1kHz
Frequency response range: 9-37KHz
THD: <1% @ 1KHz
Channel Matching – ± 1dB @ 1kHz
Connectors – 2-pin (0.78 mm)
3D printed shells made of imported medical resin


Now, generally the sound of the blessing 2: Dusk is very balanced, what I mean is that everything is not too emphasized.
Bass is very nice, stronger than the Vanilla Blessing 2’s which gives the iem a more fun signature in my opinion, it is a lot more versatile. What I mean by that is that the Vanilla Blessing 2 is a lot flatter in the Sub bass and bass area, they did sound a lot weaker with certain songs, well not anymore with the new re-tuned version they upped the whole low frequency area giving it a much stronger punch without it feeling overpowering. If you are looking for a bassy iem I’d recommend you to look elsewhere maybe the Ikko Oh10 or something like the Tri I3. The bass feels very balanced and not too punchy, mainly focused on the sub-bass presence and much less so mid-bass the texture feels nice and crispy and the extension is superb. Overall the bass feels very nice, not muddy or overdone it feels very well tuned if that makes sense, generally making these more fun than the Vanilla Blessing 2 listening to 1k Phew - We did it, Avidince - Wave and Bishop Nehru really shows the crispiness and extension of the Blessing 2: Dusk.
The midrange even though is pretty linear with a bit of a higher upper midrange emphasis from the Vanilla Blessing 2 at the 1k mark. Listening to Bjork - The modern and The chordettes - Mr. Sandman things the female vocals are very clear and with a very nice texture. The upper mids is where it shows the excellent resolution with its clarity and detail. Starting from the lower treble sounds really nice and clean not being sharp or overly harsh in any way with a slight peak at 6k, though up at 8k is where I’m a bit disappointed lacking the attack, and it’s more romanticized moving higher up it feels like the treble rolls off too early lacking a bit of finesse. Not saying that the treble is bad in any way the resolution is decent not harsh at all and very tonally pleasant. The soundstage is very nice for iems to be quite fair it’s big, was not expecting it to be so wide does not disappoint in any way! The imaging is very good, with very good positioning and fairly good depth. I don’t know what else to say. If you brush aside the nitpicks Moondrop and Crinacle nailed the Blessing 2: Dusk in my opinion!



Nice review and welcome to Hifi Guides.


Thank you <3!


I’ve had the Dusk for about a week now, haven’t had a ton of time to listen so these are just quick impressions. Bass and mids are way more pleasing with the Dusk than on the original.They are way warmer/thicker than the original Blessing 2. I think instrument separation/imaging is quite a bit better on the original Blessing 2, but maybe this is just because of the “thinner” notes. I can definitely notice the larger treble roll off on the Dusk, but maybe my ears are fucked from years of playing in bands and going to shows. Still, I find myself straining to hear treble details on the Dusk that are easily apparent on the Blessing 2 and the fdx1 (still my favorite around this price).

If you prefer a more musical tuning and more natural timbre probably go with the dusk, and if you prefer a more analytical/technical sound I’d go with the original Blessing 2.

Edit: I put some wide bore tips on the Dusk (Sedna earfit) and it fixed my problems with it. Now it sounds like a slightly warmer blessing 2 with better weight and timbre + a fat bass boost. Even imaging/note separation differences from the original are subtle now. It’s really, really good.


Edit 2: sorry to reply to myself but I can’t figure out how to edit my last post lol.

I tried out the stock tips again cause the Sedna lights tame the bass a little bit. Turns out I needed to size down, and having a bad fit colored my initial impressions. The differences between the two are more subtle than I made them sound. Still think the Dusk is a little warmer and fuller than the original, and the bass boost is nice but not that massive or out of control. Still really liking it.


Will their new set be 2 Dawn…just asking like :smiley:

There is the Fearless Audio x Crinacle Dawn:

@Toni_Elex beautiful pictures! The B2 Dusk got me curious, but for the moment I ended up going with another set. Maybe another time I will look at them just to see how a full-BA IEM sounds like.


The B2/B2-dusk are hybrids with 1 dd + 4 ba´s though. (although the timbre on the B2 does sound more like a ba-only iem…)

True, sorry! My mistake! But yeah, heard so many people complaining about the BA-timbre that I mixed-up things.

Still, the FD5 and the B2D tickle my curiosity. After my 2021 objectives, I may give these two a try, even if I later sell them.

B2:Ds arrived yesterday, honestly superb IEMs. They’ll hold their value if you do decide to flip them as theyre on the crinacle hype wagon now.
Well worth the blind buy. The sub bass extension over my Tin P1’s is unreal, without sibilance in the treble from the BAs that I can detect. Dont think i could have spent the same money better elsewhere.


I do like them though, even off an old iPod they are driven properly, unlike my P1’s…

Ick. Was thinking of picking this up, but I’m tired of BA timbre, especially after FD5.

Then I definitely dont rec it to you. Even that dd sounds more like a BA with some dd texture to me…

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If that’s the case, then to say that this IEM would be redundant for me is an understatement.

But anyone looking for a well tuned, high quality IEM, the Dusk would probably be a good choice.

Probably, but I see the B2 as a specialist iem for more typical weeb songs or electronic/vocaloids music (music without real instruments).

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Definite pass for me then. Thanks for your continued valuable insights.

Np, glad to save you some cash.

After the FD5 it is hard to go back to something that isnt really natural.
Although I am currently wanting to give ba iems another chance, thats why I bought the newest Audiosense DT100 with its single side-firing BA.

Very similar to those sony BA´s and those are godly.