Moondrop X Crinacle Blessing2: Dusk


Interested in these IEMs… I’m not an “IEM guy” nor a follower of “Crinnacle” but I am curious about these as they seem to be well thought out in terms of turning and driver tech. It also is an appealing entry price for me of solid quality but not flagship pricing.


another review is up

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Thinking about picking these up if there’s a sale for CNY next week. I’ve been using the Starfields for the last 6 months and I’ve been very curious as to what the $300 price bracket sounds like considering how much I enjoy the smoothness of the Starfields.

For anyone who owns both the B2 Dusk and the Starfields, what are the major differences? If I like the smoothness of the Starfield’s treble, controlled bass and soundstage, would the B2 Dusk be a noticeable upgrade?