Moondrop Blessing 2 VS ThieAudio Legacy 3

I just got the L3 today! listening to my playlists Country/Classic Rock,EDM,Hip hop,Pop
via ES100 2.5 balanced,LDAC(AMAZON MUSIC HD)

-TIE ! while L3 beats blessing 2 on quantity,B2 bass quality is better
MIDS= B2 not even close
HGHS =L3 highs is a bit too much for me,B2 highs while it is elevated it never bothers me
SOUNDSTAGE/IMAGING =B2 not even close
overall L3 sounds boxy and compressed to me
I found that the L3 setting affect the highs but bass not so much

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I recently bought the B2 not knowing how they would compare. Thanks for the comparison

Theres so much hype around L3 by some reviewers and so much hate on B2
overall L3 sounds boxy and compressed to me,while the B2 sounds like you are listening to an open back headphones like hd 600,amazing midrange for an IEM

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The moment I heard that the midrange could compare to higher end iems I was sold lol. For me midrange is the most important part of the sound signature. If it’s anything like the hd600 ill be more than satisfied! The only thing that sucks is that I bought it from Shenzhen audio becase it was on sale but they still haven’t shipped and its been almost a week now :confused: