Moondrop CHU (ultra budget)

Same experience. I have t3 plus, Timeless, After I bought ikko oh10 I found out that I don’t like a lot of bass 6db sub bass is good for me. On the other hand I like vocals to be abit forwarded with evrthing take a backseat. Even with that chu vocals share the first seat with other instruments it become my favorite iem out of nowhere they are just a different flavor. To be honest i wasn’t expecting that att all and at 20$ just it made me think again and again what on mars is going on here. And with azla cristal just speechless bass just enough for me. One time i heared the starfild in a YouTube demo it was shockingly good tuned for me then i did a mistake following people recs and hyped iems . I got the oxygens and … But first time i get this enjoyment and for a 20$ iem with azla cristal. Now i m looking for upgrade like variations without tha 10db sub bass



@nymz Definitely on my radar but alot reported that they are not as technically good compered to the compition at that price point

I mean if you want an improvement, apparently the 7Hz x Salnotes Zero does that. Though do be careful when it comes to 7Hz, for I’ve heard from my friends that the QC issues from them are much worse than Moondrop’s.

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