Moondrop Kato vs The Planars?

Hello there!

I am wondering how does the Moondrop Kato compare in technical chops to our planar overlords.

Background: I have like 30 IEMs, including a few Moondrops (Chu, SSR, Starfield, Blessing 2), and the only planar I tried so far was the Shuoer S12, which I loved for its technical performance, but the tuning was too V-Shaped for me.

I want both a planar and the Kato in my collection because they would be useful for comparisons in my reviews as the Kato is very popular, and planars are all the rage right now. But right now I can only afford one, and I’ll prioritise the one I’ll enjoy more, ergo this post.

I listen to rock and metal 90% of the time, but I do like lighter stuff like Fleetwood Mac, Maisie Peters or Passenger too.

The most important things to me tonality-wise are good treble and good reproduction of male vocals and bass guitars.

But yeah the most important thing to me is the technical performance - imaging, instrument separation, detail retrieval. Favourite IEMs for that are Final A4000 and iBasso AM05, for reference. So I want to know how does the Kato compare to the planars. If you have any experience with those, let me know please. The specific planar I’m looking at is the Tin P1 Max as the tuning seems most to my taste, but any planar impressions welcome!

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