Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti

My 11/11 purchase finally arrived. The Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti has landed.

My initial impressions are extremely favorable. After some brief A/B/C comparisons using my Kato (balanced), Apple Music out of an iPhone 13 Pro, I can say that the Moonriver 2 Ti is clearly sonically superior to both the Lotoo Paw S1 and L&P W1, at least with the Kato. Better dynamics and instrument separation. The Moonriver 2 Ti’s (with the Kato in balanced) rendering of kick drums and electric bass are a leap above the S1 and W1. Tonality is closer to the W1 than the Paw S1. I know some have said the Moonriver 2 Ti is “warm” but there is less warmth than the Paw and about equal to the W1, at least with the Kato.

I will add more impressions over time.

edit 1: I had some time comaring to the Cayin RU6. The RU6 is more visceral and has that analog-ish charm while the Moonriver 2 Ti has wider sound stage and better instrument separation and more “neutral”. Tested using the Kato in balanced

Yeah I also really like the moonriver Ti, sure it isnt the most detailed but I feel its still the best dongle due to how correct it sounds. Maybe be a little slowish but damn its some good tambre. Currently listening with the Fiio FT3 lether pads.

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