Moondrop Space Travel

I recently got the new Moondrop Space Travel, the latest edition to Moondrop’s tws line, coming in at under $30 USD, they offer pretty good value for money, with a huge 13mm titanium coated single DD, bluetooth 5.3, ANC, 55mls low latency, and 3 bass modes.

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So I’ve had mine for a few days now. Sitting down not moving they sound really fantastic. Problem is I need them for work where I’m up and moving for 8-9 hours straight. No matter what tip I try I just can’t get a good comfortable seal. Even though I know theyre not falling out I constantly have the sensation that they are. Even if I’m just in my kitchen cooking I find myself nudging them a little which turns into a loop of accidentally pausing or skipping tracks accidentally. I’m probably going back to my 1more stylish which are about 80% of the sound quality but with the rubber flange, I never feel like it’s moving once it’s in place. I might just pick up a new set as the battery life in the right side is pretty bad after years of use.

Anyone that does use the 1more stylish, highly suggest getting wavelet, using the auto eq and set it to 1more dual drivers, and set the eq to bass boost.