Moondrop starfield upgrade

Hello all, i am looking for suggestions on an iem that has a similar tuning to the hifiman sundara 2020 revision. I primarily listen to the carpenters, marvin gaye and barry white. My budget would be $200 at most since i am looking to either buy a fiio m11 pro or hiby r6 pro.

I think the go to IEM’s around $200 are the Moondrop Kato, Tanchjim Hana, and the 7Hz Timeless (if you can stretch another $20). I can’t speak on the Hana or the Timeless, but I have the Kato and I enjoy the Kato very much.

I’ve also upgraded to the Kato from the Starfield and I can say that it’s the same basic sound signature but more refined. An argument could be made that it’s not worth upgrading to the Kato if you already have the Starfield but I’m happy with my purchase.

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What do you think of the mangird tea?

I was thinking of the tea as a higher price bracket. I just checked the prices, $330 and $260 on Amazon and Drop respectively. I haven’t tried it but it has good reviews. Good news is also coming from the Tea II. I might pick up a Tea II set if more good reviews come out, but maybe not since their MSRP is $350.

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So I’m currently comparing the Hana 2021, starfield, ER2SE/XR, and Olina. My recommendation is to grab the Olina. Even though it’s cheaper than the starfields it’s much better. Kato to me is more of a sidegrade.

If you’re willing to stretch your budget then the Tea is very good. I believe it’s around $260 on drop?

Here’s my list if it helps:


I just came to throw Shuoer S12 into the mix as a better value alternative to timeless (I haven’t heard the S12 though). I have the Timeless though and can recommend it. (I got it after owning an Aria and I would consider it a definitive upgrade).

Also don’t spend money on an expensive DAP, just to go cheap on the IEM.

Tea gets good reviews, but is divisive, from what I understand. So not necessarily a good blind buy unless you have seen and understood the reviews. Also from what I understand not really a logical upgrade from the starfield if you want to stick with that kind of tuning.

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I mean I’m looking for something that i can use both at my desk and on the go. As far as the dap i am looking to just get all my music off my phone. And also i want to use my sundaras while laying down and not just at my desk.

What’s your song library tuning preference? And what volume do you listen to?

Song library is abut 13.5 gigabytes of music. Its mostly pop/rock soul r&b and disco. Tuning would be neutral with a slight bass and highs that are not fatiguing to the point they make my ears hurt. And i mostly listen at 60% but go to 85% at the highest.

Yeah just grab the Olina and some moondrop filters/foam tip should put you around $120.

Olina’s one of the best sounding IEMs mid volume I’ve heard at sub $500. It’s neutral bright with tight bass and is really good for the genres you listed, especially electric guitars and female vocals SHINE.

Hana 2021 is probably the closest to the starfield, but the Olina is a more technical and brighter version of the Hana. You can bring down Olina’s brightness with the filter mod+foam tips+vent mod (very easy to do takes like 5 minutes) which will allow you to crank the Olina up to 80% just like the Hana—>It brings the Olina from a neutral bright tuning to more neutral.

Timeless is probably too much bass for you, S12 prob too fatiguing with no ways to mod aside the basshead mod, and Olina is just a better version of the Kato. Hope this helps!


What about Daps i am torn between either an m11 pro or hiby r6 2020

No idea. I mainly listen to IEMs, so I don’t need a super powerful dap. Don’t overspend on Daps. As long as you get one that can push your headphone/iem to a volume you like then you’re good. There’s really not that much of a difference in term of sound. For example, shanling m3x or Luxury and precision W2 is good enough for me.