More new Campfire gear

Mammoth and Holocene…


“ has a sound that channels humankind’s spirit of explosive expansion and rich global culture through it’s remarkably even, and balanced frequency response curve”

This is such an odd description :joy:

Makes me wonder if they’re gonna replace the andro/Solaris now too :thinking:

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if they make a $100-ish IEM again, I would probably bite…

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Really interested in the Mammoth as I was looking at the Polaris V2 awhile ago. Hoping to hear something impressions of these soon. Also I wonder how big of a step up they will be from my KZ 10 pros.

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Cutting through the BS ad copy, I gather the mammoth is “fun” while the Holocene is neutral, and perhaps a better choice for a classical head like myself. I’m eager to read some reviews.

when you say classical, you mean orchestral / instrumental…or rock?

How did that quote me? Lol

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Brahms, baby! Though sometimes I rock out to Zeppelin. But honestly quality audio gear counts for less with rock than it does with 100% acoustic music, especially ensemble music. So it makes sense for me to buy stuff that’s good for classical, knowing that anything I get will be fine for the rest, if not necessarily optimal.

I’m super excited about the Mammoth. Since I already have the Andromeda 2020, I’ll pass on the Holocene.

Got mine today and only have a few minutes on them but I can already tell they are going to rival my ISine 10s for quality of sound and staging.

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