More songs like these?

I really don’t know how to characterize these other than the audible sound I make listening to them.

These songs from Radiohead and Tinariwen make me go ‘mMMH’

It seems like an interesting middle-ground between post-rock; something like this from pg.lost, which is less of a ‘mMMH’ and more of a ‘mmmmh’…

…and mississippi blues from someone like Lightnin’ Hopkins, though this creates more of an ‘oh lawd’

Any thoughts?
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If you’ve not heard this album then I reckon you’ll like it?


I’ve had this CD for 30 years, it’s great!

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I’m sorry if this is a little off-topic but the very first note played on that 2nd song instantly made me remember a song I know and when playing the first note of that song, it’s the exact same but just tuned up. Only the intro if even that would actually fit your criteria though.

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No, you’re spot on.
Ohio is for Lovers by Hawthorne Heights was the first song to make me realise how important the very first 20 seconds of a song really is. Though, with the exception of most of the Lightnin Hopkins stuff, the songs I mentioned mostly stay the same all the way through.
I just like that beginning bit of energy you get from a slow and powerful beginning, like Hell to Pay