More traditional flavored neoclassical recommendadions

NieR Orchestral Arrangement Album Addendum is one of my favorite albums, I would appreciate if anyone has recommendations for similar traditional neoclassical music.

Everything else orchestral by Keiichi Okabe and Nobuo Uematsu

Anything specific I should check out from them, or the whole discography?

Pretty much everything. Some starting points for each:

Thanks, final fantasy ost sounds more contemporary but I like it.
Do you know where I can buy downloadable version of SINoALICE ost it’s not available on my usual stops (bandcamp and qobuz)

Can’t recommend anything in particular, but you can stream it on most services and in doubt sells the mp3s. But at that price you may just buy the CD from your local Amazon and rip it to whatever format you like, if you have a cd drive.

Dude, that’s some awesome stuff! I accidentally bumped into this thread while procrastinating at work, and you gave me an otherworldly background for this night’s lonely misadventures typing myself to death.



you’re welcome, but the real credit goes to those wizards composing that stuff… :smiley:

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