Most comfortable headphones?

In your opinion, what is the most comfortable pair of headphones ~$200?
He4xx? HD650/58x? X2HR? SCHP9500?

I actually think the nightowls are pretty comfy. The Beyer dt880 600 ohm (the premium one) is very good imo. I think the 58x is good but might be a bit clampy for some. The cooler master mh751 is also pretty comfy for me

convince me not to buy the Philips Fidelio X2HR right now

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Muddy and bassy that can be fun if you like that but it’s not refined tbh. Not my kinda headphone but some like it for fun

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i might just try them, convince i will send them back, then keep them forever.

Sounds like what I would do lol

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What is your current or have tried – 58x/shp9500s?

I really like my X2HRs but I haven’t listened to them in months to be honest. They are the kind of headphones where if your source is crap they’ll still play the song fine. Unlike the 58x where you play crap, you’ll hear crap.

Yeah, it’s more a headphone for people who don’t have or like higher (recording) quality music. With well recorded music though it won’t sound so great imo compared to the 58x

Dekoni Blue is 200$ and its has 2 pairs of dekoni pads. sounds great

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What the shape of your head? It doesn’t matter what we find comfortable if it doesn’t fit you. What headphones have you tried that you their fit?

The H2R is really comfortable, but the pads would tend to get a bit itchy for me, personally. If I got them again, I would probably pad-swap them with some of those new Dekoni Choice Suade or ZMF Suade pads.

Stock pads are also insane lint magnets…

This may help:

My akg k 240’s with k52 pads literally feel like clouds

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theres the K553 $200

AudioTechnica ATH-AD series.
Their “no headband”-headband flaps are amazing! Plus the cans are super light.

Well I would say that it depends on the shape of your head, as I know many people who find them very uncomfortable. I personally think the comfort is alright on my 1000x, but I can see how it would be pretty comfy for people with a wider head

i got a big round head… if u know what im saying.
no but yeah

who originally had this headphone design because among the budget “studio headphones” this is the most common look

Akg pretty much did lol. The AKG K240 Sextett came out in 1975

i have these, bought them forever ago before i knew shit about audio lol… now i never touch them.