Most comfortable wireless over ear headphoness? < £250 budget


I’m looking for some wireless headphones with comfort being the top priority, these will be for living room use for watching my TV late at night, so they need to be comfortable for multi hour listening sessions.

Ideally they would be open back over ears but I’ve been struggling to find many wireless examples of those. I suppose the general use case for wireless headphones is for out and about, where open backs wouldn’t make any sense unless you’re “one of those people”.

I have about as far from golden ears as you can get, I broaght some Anker Soundcore Life Q10s and to me they sound fine, they just aren’t very comfortable to wear and the pads are very cheap, which tbh I expected as they only cost £30… but I thought why not give them a chance.

Must haves:

  • Be comfortable
  • Good sized breathable pads, ideally with natural materials
  • USB-C charging
  • Bluetooth
  • Long battery life

I know I could use a bluetooth dongle to open out my selection, but I tried it and it’s just too much of a faff. Having it all built into one unit is just way easier.

Budget is ideally below £250, but this will be a one time purchase with the aim of lasting many years, so if there’s a good opiton above the budget, I’m willing to be flexible.

in terms of longevity I would wait on the pandas personallly with the baterry replacement program. they seem to be fairly comfortable as well

Ywah I did look at the pandas, but massdrop pulled out of selling in Europe, so having them imported from the US works out pretty expensive if customs tag them.

If you can stretch your budget and live without usbc the bose qc35ii is really unbeatable for comfort… pandas seem pretty awesome too but youd have to wait for those

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True, but the sound quality is a bit poor with them to be honest.
You could see about the wireless version of the AKG K371. That’s supposed to be decent at least compared to the wired version. Super comfy.

didn’t even know that existed… very good suggestion… in terms of comfort those rival the Bose as well :+1:

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Pretty sure it’s the 371, might be the 361 but either way sound wise would be better than the Bose I think.

I also have the QC35II and they are the most comfortable headphones I’ve tried, period. Music wise, well, it’s Bluetooth. It checks all your demands but one, it’s micro usb. Can be found easy open box for 200/220 USD in the states.

both are available… yeah id agree in terms of sound they should be preferable

None of the product pages for the AKG K371-BT or even the AKG site itself mentions whether its a USB-C charging cable. Just says USB, which is super helpful.

looks like micro (at 50 second mark)

If anker can put USB-C on £30 headphones, it does kind of take the piss companies who sell these higher end ones can’t be arsed to do it.

so the way I see it then without sacrificing comfort and with sacrificing sound quality over the k371 bt your option is the Bose 700 at double the cost lol priorities I guess… may be more budget options that im unfamiliar with though

USB micro isn’t all that bad, amazon has some decent durable cords with micro.

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Bose 700 sound is worse than QC35II

Usb-c vs sound quality :man_shrugging:

Well, if are going to choose worse sound because the usb c might be a bit more convenient not a very audiophile choice imo

Seems to be priority for op

hmm the Bose 700 are panda money, and out of the two I’d rather wait for the pandas as I don’t need the ANC.

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Fair enough. I would however suggest that you at least try the K371 bluetooth, but return them if you don’t like them. They are a pretty great sound signature.