Most detailed headphone under 2000$

Welp i’ll be getting my Auteur soon. From what i hear it will be great. But i was thinking of what to get next or even if i’ll have to get something else for the Auteur may scratch my detail itch. So my question is whats the most detailed headphone for under 2000$? Excluding STAX

New or used?


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I think you could find an adx5000 or Diana phi in that price range used perhaps. Those are somewhat detail oriented. The heddphone is also in good contention

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Ive heard a lot about the Final Audio headphones. I hear they are very detailed. As a matter of fact that one they sell for 700$

but is it the most detail for under 2 grand? sure it’s detail oriented but so are many under $200

I completely forgot about the hd800s lol, pretty detail oriented


It is more of a V shaped headphone from what I hear. If you like that great. But I think M0N is right about the 5000x.

Are you saying that headphones under 200$ can be more detailed than headphones under 2000$?

From what i hear the hd800 have too much soundstage. also has too much treble from what i like

no thats not my point. my point is while the $700 cans are detail oriented so are cheaper cans as well. but I doubt the $700 cans have more detail than $2000 cans and beyond cause we are looking at used as well. but diminishing returns as well so…

I think the final headphones with top tier detail are out of this price range

The verite is pretty dang detailed too in this price range

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Is it a phi or just regular?

Theres a Abyss Diana selling right now for 1800$ Is it more detailed than the HEDDphone??

its regular. theres a v2 for 2000$ there

I think if you can’t find a phi, the hedd would be more resolving imo. The Diana phi is a bit more resolving than the heddphone imo, but the hedd is more resolving than the other diana

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You should make a chart for that lol. Or an inequality.

If you want detail you should try professional monitoring headphones, but they may not be the nicest for audiophile listening. I have a pair of Adam SP-5 headphones, details are outstanding but you can see what Z thought of them in his review.

So i assume the Abyss 1266 headphones would be the most detailed of this recommended bunch?