Most durable Headphones

I wear headphones for about 12 hours daily since corona.

What is the most durable closed-back headphone for up to 350€?

If possible no plastic. Any plastic degrades over time and will get brittle.

I will probably use Dekoni Nuggets to protect the headband since I can change the Nuggets when they are worn out but not the headband. Dekoni Pads compatible would also be nice.

Obviously the better sounding, the better.

Well was going to mention beyers like the 770/880/990 and sennheisers 6xx/600/650/660s as those are very durable (I’ve had a hd600 for around 20 years now, and a dt880 600 for like 15, both working fine and no problems durability wise besides replacing the pads and foam on the headbands throughout the years), but they do have plastic but I’ve not had any issues regarding that plastic. I’ve also had a pair of sony mdr v6 for quite a long time too (most likely around 20 years as well) and those have lasted pretty long outside the pads (but the headband is worn out). Other than that, I’m not sure what other things would actually be as durable and have sound to back it up in this price range. But if you properly take care of your gear most decently made things will last pretty long


all open back tho. I have Sennheiser HD600 myself but I can’t use open-back in every situation.

only beyer 770 are closed.

770 seem to be designed smartly with a removable headband. Wonder why beyer’s 1000€ headphones don’t have that. More price, less feature.

I will put them on my list and will try them but I don’t think I will enjoy them with emphasized bass.

I missed the closed back requirement sorry about that

Depends on the model, the pro model has the snap on removable headband padding, the premium does not and has a fixed headband (along with the t1 and t5). The premium is more comfy though and mine’s held up decently well, but the pro does have that advantage. Although at the moment I think there are only premium versions of the 990 and 880 but not the 770

The 250 ohm is the least bloated in the bass, but they are a v shaped can. What amp/dac are you using with them?

I haven’t heard them myself, but from what I hear the Austrian audio X55 might be a brighter more lean leaning sound with good build and comfort, so that’s most likely worth a look. If you could find a focal elegia for around 400 used that would be a really solid pick sound wise if you wanted something more neutral slightly brighter, with pretty decent durability although the pads do wear semi quickly. The mdr 7506 would also check the boxes sound wise possibly although that’s not to the same level of the other aforementioned cans.


Maybe the Sony MDR7506

gosh m0n, didn’t know you were an old man

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7506’s with yaxi pads are pretty good.

schiit heresy + modi so would go for high impedance anyways

austrian audio are recommended twice now. but they have proprietary connectors so no go for me. Having to buy their bad cables with stupid lengths is shit.

focal also seems to have special connectors or do normal 3.5mm work?

Normal 3.5mm work, just make sure the connector housing is slim

cheapest i can find is 500€ used or 600€ b-stock

Hm well that’s unfortunate, in the us they got around 400 usd new for a bit, but guess that hasn’t carried over

I got my Shure 1540 for a song, but I thought I’ve been seeing them on sale for less than $400 more recently.

Build is great on these, I’d bet on them. Also lightweight.

More odd, I have the ESS 422H. All wood and metal. Heavy, needs a pad swap. Not a broad user base out there on these. Price is right and they have strengths in sound.

Shure are warm neutral for closed back and would strike me as very easy to wear for a long time. It also comes with an additional identical pair of pads and cable. So, you have backup parts already there.

Shure SRH1540 have proprietary connectors so no for me.

ess 422h seem interesting.

The Dt-770 like all the beyerdynamic is really durable an you can replace everything with original parts, the ath-m50x is very durable as well I own the bt version and it survived to 3 bike crashes reporting less damages than me

It’s MMCX connection

Here is a good candidate:

Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Active Noise Canceling

I literally work in these things. I work in an extreme hi-noise, hi-hazard environment and the noise cancelling is superb on these. They can take a lick! Conferencing is pretty seamless, and then you get the bonus of them sounding really good as well! I am using them in a wired, headphone capacity right now and they sound great. As it turns out, these pair very nicely with my stout little Topping MX-3. So the versatility is excellent. I am very pleased with these.

I mean they might be nice for you but all of those features are nothing that I want and they seem to be full plastic and non-replaceable synthetic fiber headband.

also pretty expensive. I ordered Ollo S4R headphones. Full metal and wood construction with a leather headband. 5 years warranty and after that in case anything breaks, you can buy every component as a replacement down to every screw and the drivers themselves. Real audiophile and professional headphones that beat HD600s and also cost 400.

I just looked up your phones. I think that is an incredible value for that set. Now see, I could see getting those for home listening for sure. I bet they sound way better than the 8200’s. But when I saw “durable” in the title, I thought workhorse. These 8200’s are that. All those things you didn’t want I kinda need! So these things are money for me.

My headphone station is not sorted in the least. My focus has been the speaker setup, but now that is nearly done so I can figure out what I am gonna do. To be honest the headphone side of things can be overwhelming. Thank you for sharing your pick. I like them very much! Congrats.

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