Most midbass and good treble extension for around 60$

I’m yet again searching for a pair of budget iems for around $60 , I currently have blon bl05s but now I’m searching for the most amount of midbass in that price range , I don’t mind if it leaks a bit into the mids or if the mids are recessed , I just want :

  • Most midbass slam , not too bloated and well textured bass ( a little bit of leak into the mids is fine )

  • Good treble extension and energy ( I don’t mind if they are a bit shouty )

  • If possible , some sound stage

If there are some recommendations that meet my requirements and exceed my price range ($100+) feel free to mention it , any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance !

Quality and slam: DQ6

Quantity… VE BIE Pro?

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What about DQ6S ?

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I have it on the way, never heard. I’m not the best person tho. Prolly people like @Rikudou_Goku can help you better since I’m a mid-head.

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Thank you for your recommendations, I’ll definitely consider them , I’ll do some more research before I jump the gun though

Modded DQ6, put some tuning foams in them and you are set.


Can you specify which foams , or any any foams will do the job

High-density ones:

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As @Baphomet linked, the high-density ones.

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Just one final question , do I use them with the original tips that came in the box , or are there other tips to further enhance the bass or better overall for this set ?

Tips are personal and depends on how they work for you.

I use the Elecom EHP-CAP20 tips for them.
You can get them here:

Otherwise the Final Type E tip is my favorite one for a warmer tonality.
The CAP20 is my best tip for a more balanced tonality.
(and if you want a brighter tonality, the Radius Deep Mount is my favorite.)

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So the Elecom EHP-CAP20 are the ones that have the most midbass ?
Also , can I use them with a btr5 balanced , won’t it ruin the sound signature and lessen the bass ?
And should I use a copper cable or a silver one or just use the stock cable ?
Thank you for your help it is much appreciated !

Tips only affect the treble to me, but lowering the treble or smoothening it will increase your perception of the bass. So if that’s what you want the type e tips is better.

All this does is give you more power. It’s only better, won’t affect the tonality.

Snake oil. Pick whatever cable you like from the aesthetics, if you are worried about the quality, then you can pick an A cable from my cable list


Also the TRN TA1 Max and ST5 both would fit well in your criteria, up closer to the top of your budget.

TA1 Max has good technicalities but is darker in the treble and more BA timbre to my ear.

I just got ST5 today, but it is the brighter set of the two, easily.

I think the DQ6 has good bass but it is cleaner and it’s V is deeper into the low-mids which means the mid-bass is dropping off faster. The TRNs both have their V cut deeper in the mids so you get the full bass effect

Also this is real late but I’m gonna leave it anyway