Most serene music you've ever heard - SUGGEST

fantastic natural vibe with this one

more “astral” vibe?? IDK, but here it is
(if your gear doesn’t really do sub bass don’t bother with this one)

will be exciting to see if you guys have something similar or if you have something completely different, i’m sure there are more than one way to interpret what serene music really is so don’t hessitate to post.

i’d love to know your take on this type of music


I am a big fan of Olafur Arnalds


Ichiko Aoba perfectly defines “serene” music to me, she’s done different styles of music but they’re always soothing, calming.

instrumental noise music

vocal & strings

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a lot of lullatone’s stuff is p serene and tonal


Sigur Ros. It’s an icelandic band

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Carbon Based Lifeforms makes some very chill stuff:

The National is also pretty relaxing, if you like that style.

Gidge - Autumn Bells album is my go-to wind down music:


The National is good stuff. Meditative I’m a way. His voice makes my blood pressure go down.

Roman Holiday comes to mind.

I used to smoke a lot which made me really get into making sub 90 bpm tracks

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Reverie by Debussy. I can play it too. Reverie is daydream in French

Fauré’s Requiem - In Paradisum. At the end of his ‘lullaby of death’ you end up in Heaven. I’d say that’s pretty serene…

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Anything by Klaus Schulze

Or Carbon Based Lifeforms

Or Stellardrone

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This last one is just a funny one because the lyrics say “could you take a picture, 'cause I won’t remember”. I always joked that “this song makes me want to smoke weed” (I don’t smoke weed)…
…and today I realize the song lasts 4:20.

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This is actually where I tend to turn to some of the more super chill lofi I’ve found I enjoy. There’s a few tracks by Kudasaibeats I particularly enjoy:

Potsu also has some really nice, mellow shit that’s great to just stop and loose yourself in while relaxing. Just as an example:

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Atmospheric and chill.
I’m pretty into Mallsoft

And chill hop

+1 on Acoustic Labs (esp. the albums Atmospheres, Glass Harbor and Scenes vol. 1)
+1 on Mazzy Star’s vocalist Hope Sandoval, but her chill-est work I would say is what she did more recently with “The Warm Inventions” - Who are your favorite female vocalists - #29 by abm0

To these I would add Helios (several albums) and Jóhann Jóhannsson’s “Orphée” album as some of the most chill things I know.

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today i found

very acoustic guitar centric throughout so if you enjoy that instrument i think you may very well enjoy this

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