Motherboard and DT990/880 @250 impedance

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I’d love to know if my motherboard can give me what I need with a DT990 or DT880 until I get myself a DAC. I’m currently using the ROG STRIX Z390-F motherboard and it says that it can power headsets from 32 to 600 Ohms but I’d just like some advice from you guys to make sure that it can relatively do a decent enough job to deliver the sound quality I need for competitive gaming from those headphones given above until I get a DAC around the end of the year.

" SupremeFX S1220A teams with Sonic Studio III to create an aural landscape that draws you deeper into the action "

" All SupremeFX audio solutions provide decent audio amplifiers with an impedance sensing feature to maximize the potential of most headsets from 32 ohms to 600 ohms for exceptional gaming-audio and music-listening experiences. "

Irrelevant info:
This is in reference to another thread I made in Gaming | Competitive

Basically, my headphone options are:

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Most motherboards regardless of the numbers they tell you they can push will struggle to push a 250 ohm Beyer to a satisfactory level but it should work for now untill you get something better. I would just get a tygr 300r in your case as it’s easy to driveand performs similarly in games


I’m not sure how comparable your motherboard amp is but I have a z390 Aorus pro wifi and it can push 250 dt 990s to very high volumes. Obiously a dedicated amp/dac will be better but my motherboard output is 100% usable. Only caution I would provide is that the 250 ohm pro versions of the beyers have a coiled cable that would be too short and awkward to run from the back of your pc. So make sure to get the premium version of them if you decide to go 250 ohm.

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Oh so that’s why it would be a problem if I go for the studio version, because it’ll be short and awkward. I get you thank you so much! Great to hear about the motherboard situation. I appreciate the feedback!

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Awesome thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately that damn headset is impossible for me to find.

yeah, don’t feel bad on this though as It’s like this for like everybody. Beyerdynamic is honestly quite stupid for their marketing with the tygrs in my opinion. I will call that as I see it. It’s constantly out of stock, only purchasable by itself directly through beyer, and everywhere else only sells the bundle which the microphone in that bundle is in my opinion(as I own that microphone) absolute trash in comparison to even basic gaming headsets as that particular microphone makes your voice like twice as deep and has a radio show type sound for it. Lacks clarity and voice accuracy not to mention being a condensor mic so it picks up a ton of background noise not the best for a gamer with louder equipment or a family or pet…

I mean, it’s not -that- bad? but at the same time… it can definitely be awkward… it really depends how far you sit from the pc or console in question… you can always just get an extension cable for it so it’s not that big of a deal but its still a bit bulky for a gamer and can add some weight to the side from the cable hanging down

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Yeah I’m really not that concerned about the cable to be honest. I have my PC on my desk to my right (I’ve got enough room for mouse movements (a whole 60cm from my keyboard to my PC where my mousepad is only 45cm wide) so I doubt the cable will be much of an issue.

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