Mountains by Hans Zimmer Rant

As awesome is this song is for checking dynamic range on your headphones i just can’t stand listen to that damn 20k-22k (maybe higher) hertz beeping that start 30s into it. Drive me crazy. Its like nails to a chalkboard x 100. I have to check my ears to see if are bleeding or possibly my brain oozing out.

I’m a bit sceptical about this, I don’t know anyone who can hear past 19k (not even talking about 22k). Also in my file there’s literally not much in that range until like 2 min in:

If you look there’s a sound you’re describing at 16k though so possibly it’s that


Yeah your right its 16khz. Damn my ears are ringing from it.

Use Audacity (free audio editing software) to edit the music that is good but needs tweaking. I do that ALL.THE.TIME, especially for normalization, remove treble boosts and de-clipping.
Equalization or notch remove features can do just that, remove unwanted very specific frequencies.

Btw, the 16k line is very common, especially with older recordings. It’s source is most likely a CRT monitor in the recording room that produces the constant noise. Older people can’t even hear it.


I want a spectrogram like that soo bad, is that a foobar extension?

There is one built into foobar, you can add it like you would add other ui elements

I know, but that doesn’t extend far enough, isn’t sensitive enough and most importantly

doesn’t have the colours


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Try right clicking on it and changing the settings. The FFT is essentially the sensitivity, try setting it to logarithmic, and you can add in the colors

If you want my colors, set the 1st from the top to (its in the format of R,G,B) 4,1,71 the 2nd to 48,0,115 the 3rd to 176,0,91 the 4th to 424, 54,0 the 5th to 255,247,0 and you can leave the rest at white (255,255,255)

This color scheme is similar to the colors used by adobe audition