Mr. Nixie hardware

Hello Guys,

Has anyone of you experience with the gear from Mr. Nixie, like the amps he propose?

I couldn’t find any reference on the forum, but surely someone must have try them. I personally don’t own an amp, but I do have the nixilyser (which is really nice btw). Build quality is good and the kit was straight forward and well made. I had some fun building it and it was a nice DYI project. Would recommend if you know how to solder and are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.


nice looking gear. and if you Google ‘Mr. Nixie Review’ some stuff comes up about his equipment.

What product are you interested in?

I still have the Agneta here but it’s going back.
It wasn’t my kind of sound and couldn’t convince me.
It’s a bit of a shame but there were too many factors that bothered me.
The basic idea is good but the fine tuning is still a bit lacking.

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I’m not really into something specific. Just looking for some opinions.

When i was looking for dac/amp i did consider his stuff, but I didn’t went for it. Maybe one day tho…