Mr Speakers Aeon vs Ether C Flow

I’d like to have a conversation concerning Inner Fidelity’s Wall of Fame when it comes to the Mr Speakers Aeon and Ether C Flow.

Link to the closed-bak wall of fame here…

I wanted to get your opinions of why Inner Fidelity retired the Ether C Flow on their wall of fame for the Aeon which they consider to be “equal or superior at a significantly lower price”.

I’d be very interested in anyone’s opinions when it comes to these two headphones especially the Aeon which I personally have no experience with.

I have not had the Ether Flow C but I have had the Aeon Flow Closed, just sold them actually, so I can comment on them. I really enjoyed them. For the ~$400 range they seem to be selling for, I sold mine for $415 for reference, they really are a bargain. The comfort is second to none which was important for me because I’ve had problems with comfort in the past. Sound quality was excellent. Nice all round headphone that leave little to be desired. My biggest problem came in the upper mid range, where male and some female vocals are. They sounded recessed slightly, like they were singing from behind the instruments. This got annoying with the EDM I listen to as the music would really overpower the vocals in certain songs. Something like a Schiit Loki or other EQ might fix this issue, but I try not to EQ a set of headphones that expensive. As an all round headphone it is a fantastic set, worth the $800 new? I would go elsewhere, but absolutely worth the $400 they go for used. I will probably own another set again someday when they drop a bit more in price because I did really enjoy them.

I have owned both, and currently own the Ether CX. I like the Ether C Flow 1.1 more then the Æon’s. The Æon’s are very dynamically compressed. The neutral tunning combined with the lack of dynamics makes the Æon’s sound rather boring and lifeless. Both the Ether C Flow 1.1 and the Ether CX have more dynamics, still not impressive amounts, but average. It seems like all of MrSpeakers headphones lack dynamics. Ether CX is my favourite of the three. A more relaxed Æon Closed tunning, but without the drawbacks of the Æon Closed. Ether CX is just as comfortable as the Æon Closed. Ether Cx also has the best timbre of the three. Ether CX>Ether C Flow 1.1>Æon Closed Only downside to the Ether CX is the packing and no waveguides (flow elements), but if the waveguides were included no one would buy the overpriced Ether C Flow 1.1