🔶 Mr Speakers Ether 2

This is the official thread for the Mr Speakers Ether 2. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed!
  • Open Back

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Great can, sort of a better HFM HEX v2 - bass is really nice. Not sure it has enough dynamics, need to listen more to decide. Up to $2200, and they are holding price real well used.

Of course I haven’t listened to them, but dang these look really cool-

So from good advice received from a fellow advisor of the cult?.(LOL!!) Recommended I consider the Ether 2 as my next step… But I am wondering whether something from ZMF (same kind of Kilobucks) would also be appropriate soundwise… Both are not so easy to find a real deal on. Weightwise I am not sure anything can compete with the Ether2 as at 290gr they are like a feather for sure.

Hey Zeos. My local retailer has a massive discount for Dan Clark Audio products. Aeon 2 is 700 dollars, and Ether 2 is 1200. Are they worth it?

Does the retailer has a website?

Nah it doesn’t. It’s a physical shop, and it’s probably sold out by now

Hey guys, I’m looking for real leather replacement earpads for the Ether 2s. Do you have a recommendation which might fit? Dekoni and other customizers don’t have an offering for these.

DIY sheepskin leather earpad replacement for 35$.
You need thin double sided tape. Got this from Amazon DE: Amazon.de
The good thing about this tape is that one side has strong and the other side weak adhesive power. So geting the pads out is easy.

I ordered these sheepskin earpads: Angled sheepskin Round earpad 100mm for Siberia for Beyerdynamic Headphones Ear Pads Premium Leather Perforated Soft Memory Foam|Earphone Accessories| - AliExpress
To my surprise they have the exact same measurements as the original Dan Clark pads.

Assemby is super easy. Cut several thin tape strips and stick them on the pad rim with the strong glue side. The weak side has just enough strength to hold the pads in the cup.

Now I can even hear sheep bleat if the track is mastered well.

The E2 is a totally underrated can. Apply minor EQ in the treble and its amazing.

Not a big fan of Aeon.

Hello friends today’s new video and my first take on the DCA Ether 2, enjoy!

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