Multichannel miniDSP nanodigi 2x8

Started thinking about potential all digital surround setups and wondered if anyone on hear has experience with sending a surround digital coax signal into a nanoDigi before taking the plunge to find out for myself.

miniDSPs website listing specifies 2 inputs with 8 outputs, a surround signal would be 6-8 inputs. Would a nanoDigi be able to select which inputs from the surround source?

Zeos has a thing on this exactly

If you’re patient there might be an updated video coming with a similar device (or join his patreon)

Thanks! Managed to track down some support pages on the miniDSP nanodigi that confirmed it will not accept multichannel audio.

LossLess Surround Sound _(Z Reviews)_ feat miniDSP UDIO-8 - YouTube as promised

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:pray: thanks. I’m curious if there’s a way to do this same process but with a digital coax signal out of a blu ray player as opposed to home theater PC. Time to do more digging

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Would a 2.2 digital hifi system benefit from Zs basement HT rig? Is he getting 192/24 with the minidsp or its limited to 96/24 ? Personally i dont have gear good enough for over 44/16. I assume anything over cd quality is subjective, no?

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There’s a lot of discussion about this in another thread but the aim is to bypass the cheap internal dacs of the home theater receivers. A 2.2 system with minidsp to split the signal between subs and mains would be a pretty nifty system, would also require a lot less hardware. Just a DAC and a minDSP.

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Ok was thinking i would have to run a dac for each amp and sub.

Anything more than 2 channels and you’d need to run more DACs

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