Multiple subs in a vehicle

So I know people do dual subs in a home theater set up, but what about in a vehicle?

I have never owned a car…but from everything I’ve seen and heard, you put them in boxes and set them somewhere. the ‘where’ would depend on your vehicle, layout and available space. I’ve seen them in the back seats (which can’t be used anymore), under the seats in a crew cab or in the trunk. There are probably options for them to go into the sidewalls, but no clue about that as subs usually need a chamber to work properly.

my one friend had an 80’s Reliant wagon and he had 4 subs in back space. 2 per box.

Beyond just more bass, I presume there wouldn’t be much benefit to it, where as(I presume, please correct me if I’m wrong) in a home theater set up, each sub could be more or less delegated to the left or right channels.

you could do that in a car as well, but its a small space so wont be as noticeable. multiple subs is fairly common though. a pretty standard placement for cars is the trunk using dual sub enclosure. for trucks, people typically use dual behind or under the rear seats.

Now vans, thats where it gets fun. you can load them bad boys up with a dozen subs if you fancy it :slightly_smiling_face:

Eh, to be honest, I just filled out all the paperwork, and have the money in hand to buy a truck, just waiting to get the all clear… Just caught myself looking at “what can I do to make the stereo not suck balls?”

one word: Crutchfield

go there type in your make and model. focals are nice :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: its a great car stereo sight(and home audio) it will give you an idea of whats out there for your vehicle.

for subwoofer, partsexpress sells a dayton audio low profile 10" powered sub for around 100$ that works well for vehicles

Already done… That’s part of the problem XD
The three that they recommend for the door panels:

And the three they recommend for behind the seat:

Mind you this is with saying I’d be sticking to the stock amp (if it hasn’t already been upgraded like the stereo has)

those are all good recommendations. price range depends on taste. how long will you spend in the truck on average? do you think you will have people in the back seats a lot?(thats why cheaper rears, they assume you wont) do you want acceptable, good, great?

from my experience, which is not many brands to be honest, it goes something like this:

jbl’s will sound better than stock as a whole, more then better enough for most people to be happy and say “damn! this sounds good”

focals, however, people shit themselves.

infinity’s tend to not sound a whole lot better then factory but cost a lot.

kicker is better then stock most of the time, but not by a whole lot.(and you can usually get jbl on sale for around the same price and they tend to sound better) kickers just usually handle more juice then stock and so can play louder.

avoid pyle unless your desperate lol

I’m presuming that’s in a good way

also, make sure you check what the factory speakers are in your vehicle. a lot of new vehicles are using much better speakers then years past. the wrangler, for instance, can have jbl’s with a 10" alpine sub.

lol yes in a very good way.

i should be a crutchfield sales rep. i have made them i dont know how many thousands of dollars from jeep employees lol.

theres a few that spend half their day off in their car because it sounds far better with the focals then anything they have in their house :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, Jeep and Kia are the two I’ve grown to stay away from if nothing else then to keep my folks off my ass. Any time I even brought up Ki- “DON’T GET A KIA!!!”. Jeep? Here’s the long story about how Jeeps have bad wiring issues. Easier to just avoid.

To be honest, if only just to have that much better sound, and matching speakers… I’d be tempted to go this way:

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would give you great sound!

i build wranglers, and they do not have wiring issues. many others… lol i digress, not here to sell jeeps.

i think you would be quite happy with focals.

edit: i would also wait to decide if you need a sub until after you get your final speakers. most modern drivers dig into the 40-60hz range, and with room gain(windows up) useful down into the 30-40’s

there are quite a few morel options for 5 1/4. i have not heard morel before personally, but they are highly regarded(and expensive for raw drivers) in the speaker building DiY world. they dig a bit lower then the focals. something to think about.

That price though… OUCH

Edit: I just got off the phone a little bit ago. I got approved, and will be picking it up at noon.

How are Polk usually?

Question is more: how much bass you want?
More subs is more bass. :slight_smile:

Quality as in sub bass quality with one or two SQ sub’s or just blow minds loud with SPL subs and thousands of watts of power and noise.
Both will cost a loooooot if done properly.