Munitio Nines IEM's volume is really low HELP!

I just got a pair of Munitio Nines IEM’s from my brother and the volume is insanely low but I cant find a break in the wire anywhere, I have manipulated the entire wire and I can’t hear any breaks or shorts in the wire. All the media buttons work and the sound volume is equal in both ears. I’m out of ideas and need some guidance.

What source are you using?
If it is a windows computer, there was a recent update that made volume that is not 100% slowly fade down to 1% for me.

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I tested them on both my phone and my pc (windows 10 pro), and the problem is persistent on all devices I have.

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I recently Bought an IFI Zen Dac and the problem is still there so I’m suspecting a wiring problem or they’re just blown