MUSE HiFi M4 Portable Bluetooth


Flagship-Grade Portable Bluetooth USB DAC/AMP.

Stable Bluetooth Connectivity With Latest Qualcomm QCC5125 Chipset.

3.5mm+4.4mm+2.5mm Headphone Sockets.

Independent HiFi Architecture With ES9038Q2M DAC Chipset.

Can be used as USB DAC.

SCC Intelligent Switching.

Independent Charging & USB Data Input.

Automatic USB Mode Configuration.

Clear and crisp Performance WIth High-Quality Internals.

Seven Digital Filters For Sound Adjustment.

Elegant Design With Transparent Front and metallic Chassis.

NFC Support.

Two-Level Gain Adjustment.

Strong Output Power(Up to 320mW).

Compact and lightweight Design.

Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life.

MuseHiFi M4 is an elegant new high-end portable Bluetooth and USB DAC/AMP. Equipped with the latest-generation Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset, the M4 offers smooth Bluetooth connectivity with high-definition code support including LDAC, AptX HD, and more. Muse HiFi has designed the M4 with an independent High-Fidelity architecture featuring dedicated ESS Sabre DAC, 13LDO chips, etc. The best part is that the M4 houses dual USB Type-C sockets, and independent inputs for charging and data functions. This allows one to easily use the M4 as a USB DAC and at the same time charge the device. We have 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm headphone sockets for easy connectivity with different terminations!! Grab the Muse HiFi M4 and enjoy your favourite music with great pleasure!!

Smooth & Stable High-Resolution Bluetooth Connectivity:-

With the help of Qualcomm’s latest QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset, the Muse HiFi M4 offers excellent wireless Bluetooth connectivity. it is stable, and has low-latency connectivity offering smooth, lag-free high-definition Bluetooth connectivity. The M4 supports high-resolution wireless transmission protocols including LDAC, AptX HD, SBC, AAC, and more.

Independent HiFi USB DAC Functionality:-

MuseHiFi has designed the M4 as a dedicated USB DAC as well. It features a high-performance USB receiver along with a premium ES9038Q2M DAC chipset offering crystal clear high-resolution sound signal decoding. The M4 supports Hi-Res PCM(32-bit/384kHz) and Native DSD256 signal decoding.

SSC Intelligent Automatic Switching:-

MuseHiFi has equipped the M4 with SCC Intelligent Smart Switching architecture. It controls the independent DAC decoding, USB Signal, Power management, and independent headphone output as well. It ensures everything works as intended and offers clear and crisp sound, restoring Wireless output to match the performance of wired ones.

Dual Independent USB Ports, Automatic USB Mode:-

Muse HiFi M4 houses dual independent USB ports. One port is for charging the device while the other is for use as a USB DAC. It automatically switches into USB DAC mode whenever a smartphone is connected to the USB data input port. It still uses its battery for 80% ensuring stable and healthy power of the source smartphone.

Elegant, Transparent Shell Design:-

MuseHiFi M4 has got elegant build structure. The DAC/AMP has a completely transparent front panel where you can see the neat internal circuitry and a smoothly textured metallic chassis. We have independent volume keys with 60-level volume adjustment on the device.

Seven Digital Filters To Play Around:-

MuseHiFi M4 features seven digital filters that help you play around with the output and adjust it to your liking. These filters bring small but noticeable changes. You can choose between various options including Rapid Roll-Off, Slow Roll-Off, Linear phase fast Roll-off, minimum phase roll-off, etc.

Connect Your Favorite Headphones With Your Choice of Termination:-

MuseHiFi M4 houses three headphone output ports including 4.4mm, 2.5mm balanced, and a 3.5mm single-ended plug. Connect your headphones without worry as with a dedicated amp section, the M4 provides strong output through these ports to ensure easy driving of different IEMs and Headphones.

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Anyone pushed this thing to near-max, can we get confirmation of that one review that said spec-wise-weaker units like the Hidizs S9 Pro Plus actually power the 400SE cleanly to ear-bleeding levels while the M4 distorts at the same level? (I notice MuseHiFi were not ready to admit at what THD+N they achieved 320 mW, so there’s every chance it was at 10%.)

Also, has anyone tried to use it on a phone without the second USB supplying power and with empty M4 battery? I wanna say… still works but no more high-gain?

Just tested the HE400SE, at max volume, high gain, using a 4.4 cable (Via BT LDAC) - played 2-3 songs and did not hear any distortion (you can hear the noise floor but it a fairly subtle noise so its a none-issue IMO) it was uncomfortably loud but not ear-bleeding levels.

If i get a chance i’ll look into the battery thing but as far as i understand its not suppose to work since it always draws on the battery

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I guess that’s technically true since it should reach 116 dB at 320 mW, and the threshold of pain is usually quoted as 120 dB, so “ear-bleeding” should be even higher than that. I just took that other guy’s word for it without checking the math, so thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Also asked HiFiGo about the power thing, but 24h later still nothing, and there’s no official (Western) MuseHiFi website or Ali store or social media account that I can see.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much battery seems to last quite a bit even without any additional I power, with additional power i would assume it would last 12 hours maybe even more (though im totally guessing)

No no, I mean dead-dead, like can’t be recharged anymore. I’m thinking long-term here, like “will this thing become useless when its battery gives up the ghost”. Valar Morghulis - batteries too. :slight_smile:

Gotcha, I would assume that would take a number of years to die out completely might make for a fun DIY project :smiley: