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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No But Better With
  • Driver Type: Planar

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Looking forward to first takes! I tried the S12 and was blown away at the detail retrieval and tuning for the price. But the metal body and stiff ear hooks were uncomfortable for me. It looks like these may be tuned similarly.

Hahaha this shell looks absolutely massive! a real beauty though

Frequency graph looks ok too.

That 5k hump may end up really bad for sibilance.
However the treble past 10k looks really extended.

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Another good looking fatiguing :poop:

Mini review from Facebook :

Muse Hifi - Power.
Another player joined the planar iem game.

Mini review.

first things first this is really a beautiful gem, not that this kind of style is new, we have olina and mele but this is different this an art, hand-painted faceplate detailed with sparkling golden swirl contrast with a sparkling gunmetal gray swirl paint within a black background, accented with a CNC metal i don’t know if its stainless and plated with copper but its a great compliment to the faceplate, transitioning to a glossy transparent brown 3d printed cavity this is an art.

Fit & Isolation
the iem is big i imagine that it might not fit some people but it fits me well normal-sized Asian ears. maybe it’s really needed to house the 14.5 planar drivers, but don’t worry it has a very ergonomic design with fins that secure it to your ears. its not a very safe design but if it fits you its comfortable and very light that you can use it in live performance for a long time.

The sound
very excited iem really powerful but delicate
This would easily be the widest sound staging iem that I’ve ever owned, imaging is really good i don’t know if every planar iem is like that but man this is really wide.
The bass is weird it has a different kind of thump it thumps inside of your head to be accurate i feel it inside of my upper head skull? because that sub-bass is really delicious now i feel like I’m the weird one hahaha, the bass is really fast it feels good, it doesn’t overlap or overcome the mids and highs but the sub-bass really rumbles my soul a mature bass that should be tried by bass heads.
The mids this one is a double-edged sword for those who want relaxed iem maybe this won’t be a nice fit (that’s my thought for now still possible to change). the mid is really forward that showcases voice because one of the highlights of this iem is the placement of the voice all of the songs that i listened so far feels like the vocalist is singing in front of me but the upper-mids really kill me it might be different from peoples hearing but it gets very fatiguing this is the downside of this iem for now, because I’ve asked about this and my friend said that it needs burning in. well since this the first model from a new brand especially from their first batch given directly from them ill give it the benefit of the doubt and ill burn it in and give the final review.

the highs its really crispy delicious i love them their detailed not harsh but not lacking, from listening rock the cymbals and high hats never fade away even in busy track you might think its a very sibilant iem but its not its really just planar doing its magic giving fast reaction to every frequency that nothing is overcoming anything.

i cant still recommend it for the people since it has almost a 200$ but if you can it would be a good addition to your collection for it’s wide soundstage, imaging, bass texture and clarity. its superb.