Music streaming services

Does anyone know what application does zeos use to listen to music??

And what do you use/ consider the better one.

Last I checked, he used Foobar.

Thread on Foobar 2000 configs:

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Confusing headline on this thread. Do you want to know Z’s streaming service or music app of choice? They’re different things.

ummm both? thats why i asked both

thank youu

If he’s running Foobar, I’m guessing he doesn’t use a streaming service. Probably lossless files stored locally.

ohh i thought foobar was a streaming app

No, sir. It’s an audio player for locally stored files.

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He uses foobar with a transparency setting.
If you’re looking for lossless streaming, there are services like Tidal and Amazon HD, spotify plans on bringing a lossless streaming capability later this year as well.

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oohh alrightt thanks!

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yes I found out today about his video where he set ups his foobar

And thanks for the info!

Don’t sleep on Qobuz for hi-fi streaming, either. I tested Qobuz, Tidal and Amazon Music HD during the holidays 2019, and Oobuz was the clear winner for me.

Qobuz had a better library with more advanced bitrates, cool liner notes, solid playlists and no MQA, which requires special equipment to hear files with which it’s encoded.


I imagine that it has a subscription right?

Looked it up, the answer is yes Qobuz - Unlimited streaming offers - From $12.49/month $12.50/month if you pay the $150/ year up front, otherwise $15/month(kind of pricy imo), I might wait to see what spotify hifi plans are like. Could always do a free trial in the mean time.

I must be deaf as a post but I really cant tell the difference between flac and spotify. Or the difference is so small its not even worth worrying about.

Depends on the gear you have, on my Focals it’s always super apparent between bitrates.

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It depends on the person, usually it isn’t worth worrying about. If you are buying music buying higher quality just makes sense to me because I will listen to it for years. I’ve noticed some difference after listening to flac versions vs youtube uploads(even official ones), and while the difference isn’t huge the lossless, just “feels” tighter, less noisy. Idk as said above your gear makes a huge difference and how lossless is filtered by your player can matter. All in all it is subjective at best if it makes a huge difference.

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yepp i will do the same and thank you for looking it up

One key point to consider between Qobuz and Spotify hi-fi: Spotify’s hi-fi will be CD quality. Qobuz’s goes well beyond that, almost to the same bit rate as the master recording.

Most people’s ears can’t tell the difference or they don’t have the equipment to handle ultra high-res files. But if they can and do, then Qobuz will offer more fidelity than Spotify’s upcoming hi-fi service.

And sorry if this is pedantic, but don’t waste your time on ANY hi-fi streaming service if your primary listening device is an iPhone connected via Bluetooth. iPhones use the AAC codec, which maxes out at 264 kbps and 44.1 mHz. Hell, Spotify Premium’s highest bitrate is 320 kbps, and you’re not even getting all of that with an iPhone, although AAC does do a nice job of producing fidelity similar to a 320 kbps stream.

But true high-res listening primarily through an iPhone? Don’t waste your money.

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yeahh most of the time i cant either at least with my logitech speakers.

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