Music that my parents hate

Was listening to a song that my mom absolutely dislikes this morning and thought it would be funny to share music that you like but your parents don’t :grin:

I only have two that come to mind.

This track she really really dislikes. Thinks he might be taking about drugs and dosent see the appeal

And this one , hates on his rhythm and doesn’t see the appeal either jaja

Fair enough just thought it was funny because she HAS to speak her mind when these two come on

Played at club level volume;


A nightmare for parents AND neighbors :wink:

Fortunate to be a homeowner. Worried though MA will get a music you might like from the algorithm of this lil gem. WAP

You dont know audiovana until hear it in full atmos glory.

Good egg. :egg:

This came to mind immediately:

Key lyric “We’re so loud and incoherent. Boy this oughtta, bug your parents”

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I mean could slip this one on during the holidays.

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