MusicBee tips & tricks

I thought I would start this thread so those of you that use this app could recommend to us noobs which features of this player do you use and why.
For example: Stereo enhancer, is it worth? I have it activated (don’t know if by default or accident) in my Pc.


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I am monitoring this thread. Can answer some questions, don’t know enough to write a guide though.

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I don’t have much to add. The only two tips I can potentially recommend is to change the buffer to load full song into the ram and to disable the normalization of volume. Loading the songs into ram can help prevent some stuttering if that is an issue and the other option can prevent clipping.

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I’ll try that thanks.

Another doubt I have. How to avoid to duplicate tracks when organising folders in the library? It has happened that when putting let’s say all Diana Krall albums into one folder Musicbee reescans the library and the albums appear with duplicates of all the songs but skips the duplicate track when playing. So far I’ve been deleting those fake tracks one by one.

There are two ways I believe you can go about this, you can go to
Tools -> Tagging Tools -> Other ‘Files to Edit’ Filters-> Show Dead Links
This should populate all the files that you can delete

The other way to do it is to go to
Edit -> Edit Preferences -> General -> Confirm removal of dead links when rescanning library
Once the scan is done, it will prompt you if you want to delete all the old library entries.

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Excellent thanks!

Done thanks. How about stereo enhancer, do you use it?

Usually no, I played around with that and other headphone crossfeed implementations in the past. Personally it is a preference thing. If you like having a more narrow sound stage, you can leave it on.

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i actually just got a nice trick recently lol. if u press Ctrl + F you can search for other categories like specific genres or music from a specific time period. let me link the article.

and nice to have u in the music bee gang btw


Oh, a Musicbee thread. Here’s my current setup:

Non-classical view:

Soundtrack view:

Classical music view:

Classical music view (composer’s works)*:

* I don’t know why I kept Rene Jacob’s desecration of Mozart’s 41st Symphony. Ultimate troll-face on the cover, lol.


Nice, so tidy…

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I mostly work in the playlist view. I have folders for Bands/Artists, by Genre (because I have a lot of single pieces by random artists), by Album and by Soundtrack.
Individual Artists Playlist are displayed as Albums, sometimes Albums&Tracks.

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It worked. Thanks again…

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New to MusicBee. I am starting to re-rip a bunch of CDs to flac that were added to my library in my iTunes days. After each rip I am getting a pop-up for AccurateRip results and it is almost always a partial match. With the few that are HDCD encoded I am getting no match. What does this mean exactly? Is there an issue with my disc drive potentially?

On another note not specifically MusicBee related. I have a few albums downloaded through codes I received in records, but the artist is not tagged when downloaded and therefore not showing up in my MusicBee library. How can I change the metadata to include the contributing artist? Even when I experimented with adding the artist name to the song title, they still won’t show up. Any help is appreciated.