Musikplayer for iOS (FLAC, etc.)


i am looking for a musicplayer for my iOS / iPadOS device that lets me play FLAC files stored in my „Files App“ (iCloud Drive).

Most Apps I used so fare are

  1. lacking usability
  2. need be to connect to an online server / service like Dropbox, Plex etc…

But I would like to use a player that would simply play the music stored directly on my device or external SSD.

I already tried:
foobar2000 — guess it is powerful but difficult to use and i couldn’t find an option to play my local files

Flacbox — comes the closest to my need so far, but always wants me to add a cloud-service.

Vox — don’t want to use a subscription or have to sing up for an account to fully use the app.

I have about 10 other Apps on my iPhone at the Monet I am testing but maybe some of you have already experience with some Apps.