My AD2000Xs broke. I am distraught at the thought of replacing them

My AD2000Xs broke. I am distraught at the thought of replacing them.

I took them off today and the left cup separated at the joint from the band. I have no idea if I can repair them as that’s not really my forte.

I bought these in June. I haven’t been rough with them. My AD700Xs lasted me years. I loved these headphones. Loved the detail, the separation, picking out positioning of enemies and instruments. They were perfectly comfortable to wear for 10+ hours a day, being effectively weightless on my head. My ears never got hot, which is a miracle as I’m always running warm.

Using a ZenDac v2 as my source and I always had a ton of volume headroom as they were very easy to drive.

So now my question becomes with these breaking in 6 months of use, do I buy another pair, or do I try and find another open-backed, do-everything, game-music-movie headphone?

On my own it looks like a pair of BeyerDynamic T1s might be something to consider, but they ain’t cheap either. I’m kind of lost in a haze of “I can’t fucking believe this” at the moment.

where did you buy them, that sounds like a defective unit. I really like mine, if you bought them used you might be able to buy a new driver, or get it repaired by ad

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I’m pretty sure Audio Technica has a warranty that comes with their headphones like most major manufacturers. Assuming you purchased these new from an authorized dealer you should be able to get them repaired or replaced like @big_brother mentioned.

If you have to purchase a new pair of headphones I would look around and see if this is a known QC issue with the AD2000X and if it isn’t and you’re not seeing a lot of complaints pop up on forums/reddit about them, then I would probably just buy a new pair if I were you. It isn’t every day you find a pair of headphones that suits you as well as the AD2000X apparently does so I wouldn’t give up on that without a fight, so to speak.

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Can you post a photo of the failure?

Definitely photo time. My favorite pair of heads before 2010 was a pair of AD-ATH2000 (pre X version) and the piece of the metal bands that fit into one of the cups snapped, leaving me with two individual cups.

I don’t any warranties are going to cover these these as they are a discontinued headphone. And looking at the product page for the ATH-ADX5000, they only have a two year warranty.

Given the cost of these headphones, maybe find a metal shop and see how much they would change to make a new band.

Not bad advice, but he did say he only had them for 6 months which would put them smack dab in the middle of the warranty window. That’s why I initially mentioned the warranty thing in my reply. Assuming he bought them from an authorized dealer AT would likely repair or replace these without batting an eye.

That said, if he didn’t or for some other reason can’t use the warranty then he’d need to get creative. Pics so that folks could see the damage would definitely be helpful in offering more specific guidance.