My Blons are buzzing

Hey everyone, so I’ll keep this short - my Blon BL03s buzz when played out of my laptop. They don’t do this out of my phone. No other headphones do this out of my laptop. It is unlistenable. Please send help. Any fixes welcome. (Laptop is a lenovo yoga 6 ryzen 7 model if that helps)(I might not reply for a bit im sleeping) Cheers.

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Hello :slight_smile: Can you try to use a dongle to test? Usually headphone computer jacks have a lot of ground noise.

It’s always recommended to use a DAC plugged into anything, even cheap stuff like apple dongle or something that you have on hand.

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Long story short, not a problem. Your laptop puts out more power, and like 99% of amps out there aren’t perfectly clean so there’s an impedance difference. IEMs are just so sensitive they pick this up. Your phone, in comparison, produces less power so less difference and less sound.

Because of this, I use an attenuator, IFi IEMatch+. Dongles can do the same thing, I suggest Samsung or Apple dongles as your connector needs, but I don’t believe they drastically change sound past that. The IEMatch just works with anything, including my desktop amp.