My brother from Germany asked me what I want for the holidays, should I ask for an AKG 702 or DT990 Pro? Or something else around €125?

Help me decide the best price to performance among these two, and why do you prefer one over the other? These are €125 and this is what I find to be the best within EU region at that price and from a European brand. I like to keep it that way as a sort of a memento. Hehe.

I’m not actually looking for something specific as this is just a bonus from what I currently have: a Grado SR80x and a Moondrop Aria. If it helps, I’m buying a Sundara next year and an Amp/DAC stack.

I would also like to hear other recommendations on that price range. Thank you so much!

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If I were you, I’d save my money up and get a better headphone than the sundara


A few questions:

  1. How are you currently driving your headphones?

  2. What music do you listen to? (Genres, Artists, etc.)

  3. Maybe you already have preferences in sound signature, if so, what are you liking or disliking?

Yes, I am actually saving up for a Hifiman Sundara. But, either of the AKGs or Beyers will be given as a gift.

  1. I am running through a Tempotec Sonata HD Pro and an LG V30.
  2. My bias goes to pop, rock, j-pop, and jazz but good music is fine.
  3. Hmm, I am bias towards the mid-forward signature of the Grado. But, a warm-neutral sound like the Arias are good complements to the Grados when I just want to relax. Either of these sound signature are good as I alternate between them.

Can you recommend either of the two? If not, what 125 euro HP would be a good gift to be received?

Who sound signature do you want?

That gave me a good laugh, thank you for that.

You picked two very popular headphones

AKG 702 - These have enhanced mids that aren’t for everyone, but it also gives them a wider sound stage and imaging than anything in their price range. I don’t own these, but they are a set that I try out every time I am in a place that has them, and I should just buy a pair.

DT990 Pro - I think these sound great, but only for short sessions. The Beyer sound profile usually has a peak in the 6-8k range that hits me the wrong way. I am sensitive to peaks around that frequency range, they are exactly the right thing for lots of people.

I will also note that I don’t think of these as the same price points, but that is likely different in the EU, due to the VAT on imports. On Amazon in the US, the DT990 Pro is about $140 USD, where the AKG 702 is $200 pair of headphones. The comparable price point AKG here is the far more neutral K612 Pro, which is a good set but not as memorable as the 702.

I’d pick the K612 over both of them for those genres.
If you want elevated bass & treble, DT990.
Lots of classical listeners chose the K701 for classical back in the day.

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Thank you, I don’t know enough about the needs or wants for pop, j-pop, or jazz. I do mostly prog rock and classic rock, with some metal.

My wife does some pop, and she also does a fair bit hip-hop, and is always trying to get more bass. The K612 bass doesn’t roll off quite as much or as early, so I am betting that is part of it.

The treble emphasis on the 612 is similar to the 702, but toned down. I don’t think you can wrong with either. The K612 needs some power if I recall.

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If you have any use for Tygr 300R (gaming mostly, as it manages to combine pinpoint accuracy with a fun, engaging experience), you may want to take it because otherwise it will be difficult to find not bundled with a mike and priced three times higher.

Certain ohm versions of the various Beyers may be easier and less expensive to get from Beyer’s own outlet or their main store than otherwise. This includes the DT880 600 ohm, which I hear is a gem.

And then they have the ‘Manufaktur’, which allows you to select pads, customize the colours, add engraving and print a picture on the cans, but that’s more expensive.

I’ve been in a similar situation early this week and chosen the Tygrs — a B-stock unit for $130, as opposed to the usual $320 cost of the mike bundle in my country.