My crappy DIY portable speaker

Just for fun I’ll show it here. I made it because I was really bored and have parts laying around.

Note that this is post covid and awhile ago.


Just needs a wooden case and it is a 10/10

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That will be epic but im not sure how to do wood stuff tho, it be really nice. All my projects are either on a breadboard or just some janky stuff like this.

Unless I buy a case (plastic of aluminium), same mate.
When I put some real effort in, I can get my wood working to look 7/10-ish.

Not a wood elf, likely never will be.

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Nice…GRT…Getto Response Technology :+1:

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Yeah, its ultra sensitive to its environment because of its design (0% planned). Its sounds differ on wooden,glass and every surface and the bass is more powerful but really muddy in corners.

Oh yes, talking about bass, the tiny battery cant handle it when I blast it, I’ll have to use a phone charger to enable it to have enough amps.

Also any audiophile’s ear will bleed listening to this crap. I even have a hard time listening to it before venturing into higher end audio :joy:.

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