My Custom In-Ear Monitor Journey

Howdy Hi-fi Guiders,

So I finally decided to level-up my IEM game to mode=custom. I have heard the process can be a bit of an ordeal; starting with being broke, then having to go an audiologist and then the inevitable wait time for the CIEMs themselves.

Now that the purchase has been made and I am at step 1: broke-ass, I thought I would document the journey for those that may be considering walking the CIEM path at some stage too. Hopefully, my experience will be helpful in your own decision-making.

I have an appointment with an audiologist booked for early next week, I’ll update the thread with my experience getting ear canal impressions when it’s all done. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Do you have any ideas for your CIEM’s that you wanna get? Also I wanna go down this road too so I’m super excited about this thread.


I’ll just say that I well and truly drank 64 Audio’s Kool-Aid… I won’t say which model just yet, as I’m still in the denial stage of my grief lol


I also have a cup of that Kool aid. Cough A12T Cough cough I was also interested in

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You nailed it on the first guess :star:


I don’t regret going custom with Stealth Sonics C4’s but it took a couple of rounds to get the left side fitted properly. I still have many other IEM’s all universal but the customs are what I head for on planes and when I want to hear the most details.

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So I had the impressions of my ears taken this morning, it’s a pretty quick and painless processt, took all of about 15 mins in total.

As I had heard, the sensation is a little weird as the putty is injected into the ear canal, but nothing overly stressful. Getting them out was slighly challenging but boy, if my CIEMS isolate half as good as the putty did, I’ll never think about noise cancellation ever again!

Next step: the lonnnnggggg wait. Pic related.



Hope they get them right for you…one side was wider in the ear than out a bit and this made mine uncomfortable until we got rapid of the wider bits inside but yeah on the NC side of things I can’t hear my wife next to me on a plane…or anyone else for that matter…even with no music playing


Yo, any updates? How do they sound? What model did you get and how was the isolation with the apex modules?