My FiiO E10K just died, what should I get?

Thinking about getting the same one again or going for something better.
My question is if I you even hear the difference to justify the price jump.
The jump from onboard to the E10K was well worth it of course.
But im thinking about getting the FiiO K3 (E30), but im wondering if it’s even an upgrade worth the extra 30 bucks.
And then there is me thinking about getting the Fostex HP-A3 or the AUNE X1s (6.Gen) but is it worth it since the E10K is 70 bucks, the E30 - 100, the Fostex one 290 or the Aune 300.
That would be 230 extra for driving somewhat easy to drive headphones like the Philips Fidelio X2, DT 770s, 990s and soon 1990s.
I think for the 1990s I could use some extra oomph right?

I like the k3 quite a bit for the money. Also got optical out for extended versatility. I’m still using it in my third setup that is also portable and with me for laptop usage.

The K3 is great for the price, and a worthwhile upgrade over the e10k. You don’t really need those other amps, but if you wanted to upgrade the aune or something like that are great

I bought the Aune X1S 7. Gen and it’s a friggin masterpiece when you come from something small like a FiiO.

for sure, its a pretty nice combo. And you can upgrade it later by getting an x7s amp later on lol