My HD660S2 vs my DT1990 Pro

I will start a side by side comparison over the next week or so. The 660’s just arrived yesterday. I did only a brief listen to both yesterday & certainly liked the sound of the 660’s right away, which immediately made me pull out my 1990’s. What’s odd is in the brief listen to each, the 660’s first, the stereo imaging & soundstage & the detail is what got my attention immediately. I didn’t remember my 1990’s having this level of sound quality & so I plugged them in. I think hearing the staging & imaging the 660’s make blatantly obvious has somehow perked my ears up to hear the 1990’s show me these details I had previously missed in them. The 1990’s don’t make it as blatantly obvious as the 660’s do. I think that is why I missed it before in the many hours I have in listening to the DT1990’s. This is only the beginning.

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