My New YT Channel!

After some time of piecing together the equipment to get this thing going…I have officially launched my own youtube channel.

I’m excited but also a bit terrified all at once haha!

Disclaimer: I am in no way an audiophile expert nor do I claim to be. I wanted to come at this as a more fun and informative channel as I can, while sharing the things I have learned and experienced along the way.

If anyone gets time to check out the channel I would greatly appreciate it. If you want to leave me any feedback, I would also appreciate that.

Here is the link to the channel:

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Alright, up to 4 videos now (3 of them of impression/review type). I’ve still got a lot to learn but enjoying the process!


I just uploaded my CanJam Chicago experience video for anyone wanting to check it out. I had a hell of a good time!