My next upgrade?

So I fell down the rabbit hole. I’m in trouble.

I got my new HP chain in a couple of weeks ago - PC > Soekris 2541 > Vioelectric V281 > Focal Elegia. Obviously the headphones are next for upgrade on that front.

However, after a couple of days in bliss listening to detail and character I never knew was in recordings I thought I knew so well, I switched over to the “multimedia computer speakers” I’ve been using to share the occasional youtube vid or netflix episode, and I was /horrified/ at how they sounded! I mean, I actually cringed. They’re bad.

After research and scrounging Craigslist and Ebay, I am picking up the following gear tomorrow to replace these “speakers” -

Yamaha RX-385
Pair of Boston Acoustic HD5s
a Yamaha YST-SW50

I figure on running the pre-amp outs from the V281 to the line inputs in the receiver. Speaker outs from the receiver to the speaker level ins on the sub, and then speaker outs from the sub to the speakers, which should have the bass signal removed but otherwise be as delivered by the amp (I think?)

The room I am using is relatively smaller, and I don’t anticipate needing more power. However, if the bug keeps biting me for something that just sounds /nicer/ where is the weak link here? As with headphone systems, I guess the speakers would have the most impact? A bigger sub maybe? Does anyone have any experience with mid-90’s Yamaha stereo receivers?

As this is basically a replacement for my work-from-home PC’s primary sound output - am I just overthinking everything? The realistic long term use is for the occasional funny youtube vid to show people who can’t hear my headphones, and for watching netflix with the wife while taking a lunch break from work, that sort of thing. Music will happen, but not nearly as often as on the headphones. Movies from time to time I guess, but we have a TV downstairs with its own receiver and speakers for that.

Don’t think that sub has a sub management for the speaker outputs only one for its own system, otherwise it should do fine.
But if it’s only for some YouTube vids you also could do some active speakers and save lots of space, except you’ll know you go down another rabbit hole and want to tweak the system later :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s exactly what got me where I am… I know that I’m going to want to play with it over time… Try a new amp… maybe some different speakers… etc.

I was under (apparently mistaken) impression that the speaker ins would feed a crossover, so the bookshelf units aren’t trying to push the low end… Hmmm… Maybe that by itself tells me what to be keeping an eye open for next.

Is there an advantage to the budget level power amps coming out of China these days over the amp included in these middle aged stereo receivers?

Mostly size and power efficiency and they can be a bit cleaner but old receivers work often better with those older speakers

And if your looking for an active crossover from the high level outputs it has to specialy mention this feature if it only says crossover it’s most of the time only the crossover for the sub :wink:

OK - new plan… I use a pair of RCA splitters from the pre-amp output on my headphone amp. Split input pair 1 goes to the sub’s line level in, split input pair 2 goes to the receiver with an inline RCA high pass like this:

Would that do the trick? Altough, being only 12 db/octave, maybe I should get the 200 Hz version?

Nah 200 Hz should be too high imo in that range you can hear the location of the sub, 60-70hz is a good starting point for most bookshelf speakers if they are somewhat decent
Later you could also try something like a mini DSP hd then you can teak the sub out and even your speakers to your liking
Otherwise I think some subs from rel have an active crossover in the high level output like you wished for but for those you’ll have to pay a good chunk of money more :money_mouth_face: XD
An i think the emotiva S10 or 12 has and active crossover in it’s low-level output if you want the cable mess to a minimum

Awesome! Thank you so much for the help!