My Switch-evolving History

Hello guys, in order to avoid all the possible disputes, I’d like issue the disclaimer first, this is a quote of my friend’s experience, so no biggie, just take a look, it might be helpful, or not, but at least you got something fun to read!

" From the very beginning, I equipped a NuPrime SW-8, then I bought another one to make a series connection, then I switched to Melco S-100 followed by SOtM Snh-10G, then finally landed on Ansuz Power Switch.

Frankly speaking, I could actually feel the optimization through each switching case, but I still found something missing, so I just kept searching for the unknown next one which can satisfy me, and then, I met Ansuz, my ears and heart felt content at last.

During the all process, I even bought the globally renowned PPA OCXO QUAD SWITCH to apply, however, I didn’t land on it because the low speed and slight coloration features weren’t quite my taste, but the strong sound filed and the mighty vinyl-like analog sensation are just unforgettable, if you are the person into husky sound performance, you’ve got to try PPA!

Later on, I tried gearing up two of Silent Angel’s Bonn N8 in series connection with a Forester F1, external linear power supply, still can’t outperform PPA and Ausuz.

It a nutshell.
I seriously applied a variety of devices and different connecting approaches, I dug all possibilities just to find out what kind of sound performance is the one that I always dream of, until recently I saw a news on some foreign audio forums that Silent Angel published a new audiophile switch called Bonn N16 LPS, so I contacted their distributor to see if they can hook me up with one Bonn N16 LPS, just like that, the “ sound perfection “ for me arrived.

In my system, I also used a linear power supply to power the router, the I applied Bonn N16 LPS between the router and Ansuz Power Switch, guess what, it’s absolutely heavenly, the network signal through 2 exclusively powered TCXOs in N16, and the powerful Tesla Coils in Power Switch, I’m speechless…

Missing either one could be a failure, got to connect them to together, and that’s the perfection for me.

Under this circumstance, a streaming DAC and a Roon Core server can get the best signal source I’d say, all in all, these are just personal experience and subjective insights, I don’t represent any parties, so please feel free to share your opinions and advice with me. "

Again, this isn’t an advertising or something commercial, just a general sharing, so if you like, or not, just leave some comments below, so I can go tease my friend hahah…