My things for sale (non audio included)

Hello, some more photos to take for the keyboard/hardware section, but I finally put everything, with photo links etc. into a single location thanks to github.

I am putting this full list separate to the Buy/Sell thread to try to keep that thread as pure audio, whereas the guidelines for this forum section in general are “any deals or sales you think the community would like” and I know many here are into mechanical keyboards.

Any glaring issues I’ve overlooked by using github? Is someone able to “fork” this and would the be any issue if they did? Please let me know, I have a very low level understanding of the site.


Here we go, bargain basement keyboard sale, no offers no bundles. F&F pricing:

$55 shipped for any of these keyboards:

  • Drop Alt low profile with magnetic legs, stock caps, and KTT Sea Salt Lemon linear switches

  • Epomaker TH66 Pro: Unused, boxed with all accessories. Whatever their in-house linear switches are. Can do wireless over dongle or BT.

  • Keychron K8 Pro TKL: All accessories, lubed red switches, metal body

  • Niz Plum 66EC(S) electrocapacitive keyboard (the white one), barely used and with springs + accessories.

  • Niz Plum Ble5.0 electrocapacitive keyboard (the black one) to include the full Canonkeys BoG will be + $8, otherwise no caps

  • KBD67 Lite BLE smokey gray polycarbonate, no keycaps or switches SOLD on Discord

And separate to that:

  • CST trackball with two extra “clickers” shipped for $80.

  • DOIO triple knob + 30 keys macro board - shipped for $70, no switches.