My thoughts on Aeon 2's

As the title says… So after a few weeks with these and I run them pretty much exclusively on my Liquid Platinum balanced. These are beginning to come alive so to speak. I was running them naked (no filters) but began experimenting with the included filters. These cans to me seem to have a all in sound to me. There is some warmth there but every note and every word is clear to me

Although I do not necessarily know the right words .

All of a sudden the sub bass that was originally lacking has come alive and these will pound a hole in your head with decent volume and with the right music choice they will do just that

Mid bass and overall midrange is enjoyable as well with both male and female vocalists standing out when they need to Instruments are where they should be and can be located. I find the sound overall to be semi spacious in its presentation.

Treble is smooth and not overbearing at all in all music I have listened to There is no irritancy in any of it.

Although I have tried all the filters , I find the thinnest black foam to be the best. Do they need the filters? No I do not believe so but to make it your own I recommend trying them for yourself…

Overall between these and my other cans, These have become my favorites but…

Other cans are in order of what I would keep and what I would not if forced to choose. Audioquest Nighthawks (OG) Darker but still love them, , Drop Focal Elex, Hifiman Hex v2 , Drop Senn 58x, Drop Hifiman He4xx. Senn 558.

Equipment Schiit Bifrost 2 run balanced to the LP and unbalanced to my Schiit Asgard 3. I use Hart audio cables with interconnects so I can change amps on a whim.

If you get a chance Listen to them…


Hey thanks for review.
How is the comfort and how would you compare them against the LCD2C and the Focal Elex.
I currently have the Focal Elex Aeolus and LCD2C and with EQ i like the LCD2C the most but it is way too uncomfortable and the Elex has just a bit too much treble for me that i had to EQ. How does the Aeon 2 fair against that and how is the comfort.

Basically strap pillows to your head and you will have aeon 2s…Seriously they are THAT comfy. As for the treble, It is their of course but very enjoyable. I do not have the lcd2c though

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Im really thinking about buying these i dont like the Ananda i tried those before. They had a fixed headband with no swivel which seemed stupid.
So for comfort im sold. Does it have a smoother treble than the Elex? And im guessing from what you said the sub bass which ist important to me will be much better than from the dynamic Dr. Elex.

And also what i forgot to ask how would you describe the Soundstage?

I just the Aeon flow open RT a few days ago, and they have impressed me quite a bit. Definitely the most impressed with a pair of headphones I’ve been to date(ad700x, dt770, dt990, dt1990, m570). I love the tuning pads they come with and how you can customize the sound, and they are super comfortable.

After hearing these, I’m really curious about the aeon 2’s. Did you get open or closed?

Both… I prefer the open… sound is amazing… very comfortable as well for long sessions. soundstage is not huge like my Hex v2 but much larger than my elex…Balanced they are awesome.

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Hmmm, yes I would say smoother and sub bass is up there for sure… I still enjoy my Elex balanced and single ended as well.

Just curious, can you compare the Elex and Aeon 2 Open? I have the Focal Clear, but not really feeling it and would prefer more warmth so I am wondering if I should go with the Aeon 2 Open since I remember enjoying the Aeon Flows.