My X2HR broke, need a replacement that works with V-Moda Boom Pro for under 150€


I bought a used pair of X2HR and now half the time I only hear sound on 1 ear so im looking for a replacement. It needs to work with the V-Moda mic, I know that limits my choices a bit.
Also I dont have an AMP.

I mostly use them for casual gaming (LoL) and music, mostly Rap/Rock/Pop so nothing crazy.
I like the X2HR but since they are not completly unusable (I just need to adjust the cable from time to time but its really annoying) I dont want to buy the same since it feels like somewhat of a waste then.

I prefer open headphones so I can hear stuff around me but im not entirely against closed when it fits my wishes better I guess?

I like when the bass is a bit emphasized but its not an requirement, but it shouldnt have “weaker” than normal bass. Comfort is probably together with the sound my 2 most important wishes. I would like to get 1 around 100€ I guess around 150€ would be my limit.

the headphones I thought would fit quite well and are in my budget are (correct me if im wrong):

HD559 with adapter for 2.5mm
Sennheiser HD 599 with adapter for 2.5mm
Audio-Technica M40x

also I thought about getting either the Sennheiser Game one or Zero. Do you have any recommendations?

Can you help me find a good choice? thans alot

Chances are that it’s just a broken cable/plug. Have you tried replacing it? There was a time, when my plugs broke all the time. If you can solder, you can just get a plug and fix it for like 50 Cent and 15 minutes yourself if the fault is in the plug (which it is most of the time).

I tried a different cable and I had no sound at all so I guess it is the headphone plug? do you have any recommendation on how to replace them?

If you go from some sound with one cable to no sound at all with another cable (assuming the second cable is not broken), than it sounds to me, like its the wrong cable (wrong plug style… TRRS vs TRS, weird build which doesnt make it plugin properly or something like that).

Of course it could be the headphone jack (I assume that is what you meant), but that also wouldn’t explain, why one cable gives you no sound at all and the other some. In that case you could try to disassemble it and see if there are faulty connections, I guess.

In regards to recommendations:


I personally recommend:

thanks alot, I would prefer over ear headphones since they are the most comfortable for me.
so in your video he recommends the hifiman he400se but they cost alot at 170 :confused:

I guess then the SHP9500/00 or the HD559? how do they compare to my fidelio x2hr?
what about the Sennheiser HD 599 they are reduced right now and cost 90€ but from what I understood from Zeos the 559 fit my taste better.
I guess the AKG K612PRO would be an option aswell since they cost around 115€ but I guess they are a bit similar to the 599 in the regard that they are kinda “boring” so I think that doesnt fit that good aswell for me.
I saw the Takstar Pro82 also recommended from zeos they also would fit my budget.