My ZSTs do something that my other iems don't do

For a couple of months I have been trying to figure out exactly what is making me prefer my KZ ZST over my others. Now, I don’t own a lot of iems as I’m relatively early in my iem journey. I have a set of KZ ZS10 Pros, Sony MH755, and Tin T2.

While I believe that the ZS10 Pros “sound” better then my ZSTs, my ZSTs has a particular ‘presentation.’ The direction that the sound appears to be coming from. All of my other iems sound like they are a flat plane of sound or they sound like the music is coming from the iem. With my ZSTs not only is the music not coming from the iems, but the sounds is happening in a 3d space around/through me. They have a type of thickness and depth(?).

I am looking to upgrade to something that I can be totally happy with as the ZSTs have their issues but I think whatever iem I get next must have a presentation like these. Its hard to figure that out when you can hardly even explain it though.

Has anyone had any experience with what i might be describing?

I think what you are experiencing is a wider soundstage. a big part pof soundstage as well are how close sounds can be presented and how far. as well as imaging and layering.

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This is why I love my Nighthawk Carbon headphones so much. They have this very unique 3D imaging and huge soundstage presence to them. Sounds to me you have a liking for wide soundstage and unique imaging.


I, too, have just began listening to better quality sound. I got the ZSTs about 2 weeks ago and my BTR5 arrived last saturday. Listening to Tidal thru my S8 Rush had been just amazing with this setup. At one point there was a sound that I swear came from above the left side of my head. I was getting a good stage but I swear I was getting more than just then lateral separation.
They are too much fun for 19 bucks. Oh I did buy some cheap 2 wire balanced cables as the BTR5 has that capability.

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I didn’t know that those were included in soundstage. I always hear people talk about width never much about front to back depth or layering. If I wanted to upgrade from my ZST, do you have any recommendations with SS tier imaging and soundstage? Holographic sound?

Well the next tier up if you want much better imaging and soundstage your gonna start wanna looking at open back headphones. Like a nighthawk a he 4xx or dt990, or 880

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Exciting. Nothing I love more then being a part of the music. Falling into it almost. Listening to music is nice but, being a part of it, being consumed by it is the best. I love how to ZST fills up the space with sound.

You have any recs in the iem sphere? I love the portability. If not then what are the “kings” of soundstage & Imaging in the headphone world?

kings of soundstage and imagin are the hd 800s. but for affordability the 880 or the 990, the he 4xx , and nighthawk carbons deserves a mention as well

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Im not a IEM guy though… maybe a moondrop IEM . Im not the best at analyzing IEMs for presentation casue I dont use them for gaming and mostly use them for podcasts and on the go applications.

RIght? I think there IS more to it then just lateral separation. Figuring out what it is thought is though at this level. I think its front to back separation as well.
The drums on the song Blessed Black Wings by High on Fire are a prime example I think of that 360ness.

Nighthawk Carbon immerse you in such a unique and amazing way. Maybe not as accurate but man does it suck you in. One reason I love them for movies so much.

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I ended up pulling the trigger in the NightHawks. I wanted to thank you guys for your help. These were exactly what I was looking for. Not through with their crazy burn in but I’m loving these things. Cable is kinda silly though.

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