NAD 326bee - What speakers?

Hello everyone!

I am looking for speakers for my NAD 326BEE.

I know that it should be the other way around and I should choose an amplifier for speakers, but I bought it at a bargain price, almost unused and I really like the character it shows when played on headphones (Beyerdynamic dt 770), so I would like to stay with it.

I would describe the sound that I like as: warm, but not “muddy warm”, rather dynamic, full, punchy, with a strong and low-reaching bottom and a clear, but not harsh, tiring treble.
I am far from the definition of an audiophile, I like a bit more emphasized, fat bass (but well controlled, not one that moves walls), and much more pleasure than the perfect, laboratory reproduction of the original gives me the vibe in the songs, things that make the head move to the beat by itself, as well as the energy carried by the lower frequencies (although I don’t mean the rumble obscuring the rest of the sounds, rather dynamic warmth that leads everything, but does not cover the treble).

The music is played from CD, turntable and laptop (FLAC), in terms of the genre, it is mainly US hip-hop from the 90’s, so drums with bass and vocals play a large role, although it does not mean that all the rest is irrelevant, because many rap albums (such as “The Chronic” by Dr. Dre, the first albums of Public Enemy, or The Roots) contain a whole lot of detail and flavour in the higher registers that it would be a shame to lose some details to the lows themselves.

It is also worth noting that some albums from earlier years were recorded in much worse conditions than modern ones, so the speakers cannot be too “critical”, as is the case with, for example, studio monitors, which mercilessly show any imperfections in the mix.

In addition, I would like the speakers to be as good as possible when listening at lower volume levels, I often stay up late and would like to be able to enjoy the music without pissing off my neighbours at 2 am :grinning:

The budget I plan to spend oscillates around £500 and I take into account both new and second hand.

The room is a typical living room in a block of flats (about 16 m2 / 172 ft2), TV, table, sofa, bookshelf with Cd’s and records, bookshelf with books, two paintings, no curtains on the windows, floor - parquet / carpet (50/50), so I would define the acoustic conditions as average.

Of course, I am going to listen to the proposed models and not buy blind, I also plan to go to local Richer Sounds in a few days, so maybe you have any suggestions for specific models that I should check out from

Thanks in advance for all your help!